And we are rolling hello, everyone. I hope you’re all having a beautiful day, a little bit of a different set of today. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m at the YouTube space la so I’m, hoping that this voiceover comes through super crisp.

So the stretched series that we’re about to get into you will need a wall or with some wall space and some floor space. The entire stress session is done, lying flat on your back with your legs up a wall, different positions, yada, so this stretch session, in particular, focuses in on hamstring flexibility, the backs of your legs, hips and adductor flexibility.

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So how I’m ruling. This guy is, I have my laptop right here with the video, so I’m going to watching the video doing the voice-over. So if I’m looking down this way, all the time that’s, why so? What you’re going to want to do is pull your mat up or a blanket or whatever you’re lying on and pull it up close to a wall.

Get your legs set up so that they’re. Going straight up, the wall get comfy there, and then we’ll, go ahead and get started. This flow is meant to be very relaxing and slow, so really bring attention to your breath deep inhales through your nose and exhale out your mouth right.

Now your legs are just straight up the wall. Your arms are out to either side go ahead and close your eyes. Let your lower back, relax. If you feel like you, want a little cushion for your low back, you can put a little pillow under there.

I just want you to be comfy right now: So now that you’re, officially relaxed, been settling in go ahead and bend your knees and let your knees come out to the side.

So now your feet are close together kind of in a butterfly position against the wall, so your feet are together. Knees are out wide, the closer that you pull your heels towards your hips or towards the floor and the more intense it is going to be on your hip.

So your knees will be wider. You can use your hands here to press against your knees or your thighs and then just close your eyes and relax here again

If you feel like your feet, are slowly drifting apart from each other. You can grab your ankles with your hands, pull them close together or just let your feet fall apart. Either is totally cool with me, continue to keep your attention on your breath.

Hopefully this is feeling great on your lower back as well. Opening up your hips and improving flexibility and your hips is going to be amazing for relieving low back pain. So if you’re, someone who struggles with low back pain, you need to stretch your hips, because tight hips are gonna pull on your lower back fun fact:

So right now you’re transitioning into a half butterfly half frog, so you’re, going to keep your left leg exactly how it is, do not move it. You’re, going to grab your right ankle with your right hand and then place your right foot against the wall like you’re in a frog pose or in a super deep squat.

So now you should feel this more intensely on your inner thighs and maybe a little hamstring try to keep your right knee at 90 degrees. That left leg is still in butterfly relaxed. Here you you now, I’ll, go ahead and switch sides.

So first return your right leg back to butterfly and now grab your left ankle with your left hand plant your left foot in the half frog. So now your left leg is in frog or a deep squat, and your right leg is in butterfly relaxed here gently pull your left leg back so now you are in butterfly with both legs feet.

Together, knees are wide. Let all of your air go four. Three. Two and one deep breath in through your nose three two one long exhale continue to let your body relax and I’m. Giving you guys a lot of time in between the stretches to get a real, effective stretch here and allow your body to fully relax again.

We have half an hour. We’re about nine minutes in. Now you’re, coming into a full frog on the wall, so now plant your right foot on the wall and your left foot on the wall try to keep your knees as close to 90 degrees as possible.

This should be an intense stretch. So if you need a little bit of a less stretch, just press yourself a little further away from the wall, you do not need to be touching the wall deep breath in and out and with these stretches that are more intense.

Don’t. Try to push to a point that’s painful. It should be a little uncomfortable that’s. How you’re, going to progress and make changes in your body, but never to a point of pain. That’s. Why? I give you so much time, so you wouldn’t, start easy and then, once you ease into that level of stress, you can move to a newer level.

take your hands on the outsides of your knees and pull your legs together. So now your legs are straight up along the wall. Again, both leg extended straight towards the ceiling.

from here keep your left leg exactly where it is and just let your right leg fall out to the side. So now you’re, stretching mostly and the muscles along the inner thigh of the right leg and a little bit of hip, so from here just allow your left Li To come over and my flat on top of your right so now both legs are pointing to the right and you’re.

Looking to your left, you can bring your arms out wide and a t-shape. This should feel really good on your back from here extend both legs straight up again. Now you’re, going to let your left leg fall down towards the floor.

Your right leg stays straight up towards the ceiling: from here, and I’ll. Allow your right leg to fall flat on top of your left. Take that twist, with your arms out wide to either side.

Let your head fall to the right. If you can in both legs over to the left, you =gently pull both legs to center. I extend it straight up against the wall, then pull both knees into your chest.

Pull your forehead up towards your knees, give your knees, a big hug and then relax back down. So now you’re, going to let both legs fall out to either side in a straddle against the wall and let your legs fall out as wide as they do.

Naturally, again, you should feel just a little bit uncomfortable, but never painful. If you need some support underneath your feet, you can always grab blocks or something else that helps hold your legs up.

If you need that extra support, otherwise, like gravity, do the work here focus on your breath and whenever you feel like you can take the stretch to a new level. Let your legs fall wider apart. You so from here to pull yourself back up, take your hands on the outsides of your thighs and use your arms to help pull your legs together.

Now, if you sunk into that stretch right, it should be difficult to do without him. So you’re, going to need your arm strength to pull you back to Center, so now scoot yourself back from the wall, so that you can have your knees at 90 degrees.

We’re gonna stretch the hips, so your knees are to 90 degrees. Keep your left foot on the wall, lift your hips that you can come in figure 4 or come to a figure 4 against the wall. So now you’re, stretching your outer right hip again, your left leg on the wall, 90 degrees, your right leg or the outside of your right foot is going to be on the top of your left thigh.

That makes sense just look at it. In the video, if you need a deeper stretch here, you can scoot your hips closer to the wall, so your left knees at less than 90 degrees or if you need less stretch, scoot further away from the wall, you can also use your right hand to help Press, the inside of your right, knee out towards the wall: from here – keep that same figure for position, but your left knee fall.

So it’s. Still, in 90 degrees fall to the floor now your right knee is pointed a little bit up. Look in the video still the outside edge of the right foot is on the top of that left. Thigh bring your right arm out to the side.

Look to the right for a twist and an extra hip opener. You should feel this in your outer right, hip, return to Center coming into a half straddle your left. Foot is going to stay planted on the wall at 90 degrees.

Your right hand is going to grab your foot your ankle or your inner thigh, trying to straighten that right leg so that you can come into a straddle on the right hold there for a couple: breaths, and let’s switch sides.

Figure-Four now, on the right side, find your position breathe and get settled in again. You can use that left hand to help facilitate deeper stretch: keeping that same position with your legs.

Let your right knee come down or close to the floor. Right foot is still on the wall for twist. Your left arm is straight head to the left, and you should feel this in your outer left hip and in your back return to Center.

Keep your right foot planted on the wall and come into that half straddle so take your left hand on your foot or your inner thigh and hold there for a couple of deep breaths. Then go ahead and gently return to center extend both legs straight up along the wall.

Beat your arms up over your head for a deep stretch. You have three more minutes in this flow, so really use them to find deep relaxation, return to that butterfly stretch both feet together and knees wide.

If you still have some extra space between you and the wall and you can fit your feet in there, you can take a deeper stretch, keep both knees bent and I both knees fall over to the right. As you look to your left for another gentle twist switch sides now I’m, bring your knees to the left and your head to the right.

You gently, you pull yourself back to center and let your legs go straight up. The wall to finish out this flow, take five full breaths on your own, deep inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth stay here as long as you need, but that is all for this flow look cameras back on me.

I’ve been stretching over here. I hope you guys feel amazing. Please leave a comment below. Let me know if you love the flow like the video subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t already and have a beautiful day, everyone namaste

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