Hey what’s up guys? I have a brand new YouTube channel and I’m, bringing you a brand new video. I’ve, never brought to you before. I just want to say thank you to all of my viewers who have stuck with me from my previous channel and now to my brand new channel.

Thank you so much today I’m, bringing you the all-new unlock my TV application, where you not only get all of the latest and greatest movies, absolutely free. It also has an entire section dedicated just for TV shows that’s right guys, you’re gonna get the latest episodes available.

Let me show you right over here. They even have all of the episodes that are airing today. This application is absolutely awesome, and not only does it have all of the movies, and the TV shows is completely 100 % and free.

I absolutely love this app and I had to bring it to you guys. So if you want to know – and you can have all of this absolutely free on any Amazon fire device – we’ll just sit right there, because I’m gonna walk you through step by step everything you’re Gon na need to know right now: [, Music, ], all right, so you’re ready to install that wonderful new application called unlock my TV, but I’m, also going to show you how you can get many other popular applications just Like the ones that you see here absolutely free, so in order to download this brand-new app and many others, all you need to do is change a couple of the settings right on your Amazon fire stick itself.

So the way that we do, that is we slide over here into our settings tab. What we want to do is we want to scroll over and we’re. Looking for something called my fire TV, let’s, go ahead and open that and right here you’ll notice.

The second one is called developer options. We’re gonna go ahead and open that right here by default. Both of these are turned off. You simply need to click on. It turn the first one on when you come down here and you click on apps from unknown sources.

You will have an additional pop-up, just asking you if you are short, just click turn on and now both of these are turned on now we simply need to click the home button on our remote, because the next thing that we need to do is search the Amazon App Store for a particular app and the way that we search the Amazon store is right.

Here we push left and we go into the magnifying glass and then it will allow us to type in whatever app we’re. Looking for today, we’re. Looking for a particular app called down loader I’ll, go ahead and throw that on the screen, as I spell it now.

Typically, when I get to the W is already appeared on the list. All I have to do is push it down on my remote. A couple of times highlight the word downloader and click on it. We’re. Looking for this bright orange application right, there just click, it is going to open up, and now it’s going to give you the ability to now install this application right there.

Just click down. It takes just a couple of seconds and this app will be installed on your device once it’s all finished it’ll, say open click open okay and for this application to work, the way that it should we need to click.

The allow button all right so just click, allow you can click, OK and guys. Welcome to the downloaded application right here is going to give you the ability to type in almost any address along the internet that you’re looking for.

So if you click right there, where that little orange blinking cursor, is it’s, gonna again bring up a keypad so that you can type in whatever it is that you’re? Looking for today, we’re. Looking for a particular web site called file link, I’ll, go ahead and throw that on the screen.

As I spell it, alright guys so make sure that you check the spelling and that your address is exactly what I have up here once it is go ahead and click on the word go and you’ll see the download process begins automatically for You right here is asking you to go through the installation process.

So now we just need to click down. Click over and hit install in just a few seconds. File link will be finished. Installing and all we need to do is go and click on the word that says open alright in just a second, this application will open and right here you were highlighted on my codes.

We’re gonna come down and we’re gonna click right here, where it says, enter a code. Alright. Now I’m gonna give you my personal 8 digit code, that’s. Gon na take you to my personal app store, where I have so many great incredible apps waiting for you and the code to get into that store is eight five, eight one, zero, nine one, four all right again, that’s; eight five, eight one! Zero, nine one four go ahead and click on the word.

Next now you’re highlighted right there on the word continue just click that center button one more time and guys right here is my store. I do have a little pop-up that says this store is for my subscribers only but guys if you think that you are already subscribed.

You might want to know that this is a brand new channel. Now it used to be called electrical MD, but YouTube had removed. My channel this is a brand new channel called electric MD and I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you would be so kind as to just reach down there.

Click that big red button that says subscribe, so that you too can subscribe to my brand new channel and you never miss a and guys remember brand-new channel alright, so go ahead and click that center button.

Once you are a subscriber it’s. Gon na bring you right here to my store, give your system just another second or two, and there’s, an additional pop up from the makers of this app. We just slide over and click.

The word dismiss, alright guys, so welcome to my store. There are so many great wonderful applications for you to choose from. I’m gonna show you how all of this works right. Here you are already highlighted on my number.

One recommended application: the ipvanish VPN just click your center button on your remote and you’re gonna notice. This blue bar start sliding across your screen when it gets to the end. You’re gonna get this pop-up and you’ll notice that that down arrow now becomes a play button that lets.

You know that the download process has finished, but we must go through the installation process go ahead and click this app one more time slide over click install in just a couple of seconds. This app will be installed and we want to make sure that we click the word done alright by clicking done.

That brings you right back into the store so that we can download even more applications. Alright, so the next one we want to do is slide down and we’re going to install the MX player Pro. It is the absolute best online internet player available.

Again we’re, going to click our center button. The blue bar is gonna fly across the screen. You’re gonna get the pop-up that lets. You know the download process is finished, click it again and click install to finish the installation process and again the app is installed.

We’re gonna click done guys every app in the store works just like that as as simple as clicking download and install, and you can fully load any Android that you might be using. We’re using an Amazon fire.

Stick today, but this store works on any Android based product alright. So today we’re here for a very special app right here called unlock my TV again, we’re gonna hit that center button, the blue bars gonna fly across the screen.

When it reaches the end, you get the pop-up. You click it again, click install and once again we are installing amazing applications on our device that are not available in the normal Amazon store. So right here we’re gonna click done cuz guys.

There are so many great wonderful applications in my store for you to check out to try out to see what it is that you like that works best for you and your internet and your device. So once you’ve downloaded everything.

It is that you want from my store. All you need to do is click the home button. When your remote, it’s, gonna bring you right back to the beginning where we started now, we need to go and find all of those amazing applications that we just downloaded the easiest way for you to do.

That is to hold the home button on your remote just for a couple seconds. This screen will appear and right there you are already highlighted on the word: apps just click on it. This is going to bring you to every application on your device.

Now, if you look at the bottom, the very bottom, the very last app, that is the last application that you have downloaded on your device. So if you simply highlight the app and you click those three dashes that are right above the fast-forward buttons on your remote, that’s, your options key go ahead and click options.

We’re gonna come down and we’re gonna highlight where it says, move to front. Let’s, go ahead and click on that and, as you see it brought this application right to the top of the list. Now you can move around and move these applications anywhere that you want.

I want to move my file linked application. They have options, and I’m gonna hit move. We’re gonna click right there move it around right here and guys. You can put these apps in any order. That makes it easiest for you alright.

So I’m gonna hit my home button and show you what moving all of these apps did for my system. Okay, so right here from our home screen, all we need to do is click down and see your apps and channels. Here are the apps right in the order that I put them now guys.

This is our VPN, the very first app that we downloaded from my store right here is file linked now. This is how you get back to my store, so that then you can download even more applications. Also you what want to go to my store when there are updates to applications that way you get the best update available and guys right.

There is the brand new unlock my TV application. Now, while you were in my store, you might have downloaded a couple of other applications like some of the most popular streaming apps available. But before I open up any of these apps, I always want to make sure that I turn my VPN on first.

So I’m, going to open up my VPN now right here. It’s, gonna ask for a username and a password, but if you don’t have one don ‘ T worry is super easy to get one. I’m, going to leave a special link right here on the screen, but also right below this video.

All you got to do is scroll down and click, and you two will be connected to the ipvanish website, where you can get your very own. Username and password all you need to do is pick the plan that works best for you and they will send you your own username and password immediately just enter your information there.

I’m gonna enter mine, and I’ll meet you on the next screen, alright guys so welcome to the ipvanish VPN application. Now, before we hit the word connect, I want to change a couple of the settings so go ahead and scroll over and over until you highlight that gear icon in the corner of your screen, go ahead and click on it right there at where it says, start Ipvanish, just click that center button on your remote and you will put a check mark right there.

Next to it, we want to come down and also put a check mark next to scramble. So just click on scramble and you’ll, see that you, edit the check mark now that those items have check marks on them. All we need to do is click.

The back button click left left. Now we can hit the word connect. You might have an additional pop-up like this, just asking for further permission, go ahead and highlight the word: ok and click it, and in just a second, I’m gonna be connected to the world’s best VPN, keeping me 100 % safe, while enjoying all of these movie apps, but also increasing the number of links that are available within those apps alright.

So now that I’m connected, all I need to do is click the home button on my remote, because now that we’ve connected our VPN. Now we can go and open up all of those amazing apps that you have gotten from my store, but we’re, going to open up unlock my TV so right here for this application to work.

The way that it should you need to click. Allow all right we’re gonna give it just a second click. Don’t show me again Thanks all right. We’re, going to go down and click. Ok, sorry about the pop-up skies.

It only happens. The first time that you open this application, you will not have all of those pop-ups when you open the application up every time. Alright, so right here by default, you are in the most popular television shows all right right here, you’ll, see this little triangle.

If you click this center button on your remote, it’s. Gon na drop down the genre categories. For you to choose what type of TV shows do you want to watch? They even have the ones that are airing today, all right, so this is updated constantly.

You know if the show is on tonight most likely you’re, going to be able to find that show. I would give it until the next morning, but sometimes you would just wait about an hour. Intense show is available right here, ready for you to watch all right.

So if we slide over and we click on the three little dashes there – that’s going to give us the opportunity to switch between TV shows and movies. Ok, as you can see again, we are in the popular section of movies and all you do is simply scroll down and pick the movie that you would like to watch.

Alright, I’m, just gonna pick a movie just so I can walk you guys through this, so that you too know how all of it works. Alright, so right here is a little movie poster a little information about the movie and, as you see, the streams are coming in right here.

So you simply push down and you can pick whatever stream of this movie, that you would like to watch and you’ll, also notice a little further down. They provide the trailers to this movie. So that way, maybe you can watch the trailer and see it really want to sit there for two hours to watch the whole movie.

Okay, so right up here, I’m, going to pick this one that says Google Video. Now, if I could make any kind of a recommendation, it would be that if you see Google video as an option, that would be the one that I would pick they tend to play better with less interruptions than other links.

So all you have to do. Is click on 1080p now right here it’s. Gon na give you a couple of your options. I know a lot of people ask about subtitles if you would like the movie to play with subtitles just click here.

For me, I am going to hit open with all right. Remember we downloaded that MX player pro from my store just a couple of minutes ago. That is what I want to play this movie with. It is the best player available, so click MX player Pro now MX player is going to ask for permission also, so just click allow on MX player.

You give this just a couple of seconds and the movie will start to play now. I can’t show you any more than that. I do apologize, but I just want you to see how all of this works and how you too can enjoy.

All of your favorite movies TV shows absolutely free on any Amazon device now just like before you hit this little arrow and it will bring up different genres so that you too can choose how you want to search for the movies now.

The other great part about this is, if you go over, they do have a magnifying glass so that you can type in the name of the movie. The name of the TV show that it is that you’re. Looking for, if you don’t see it already available, alright guys, so I hope that you have enjoyed this video.

I hope that you enjoy this brand-new application and I really hope that you have taken the time to hit that subscribe button, that big red thing right in the corner of the video or that big red button right down below.

So, thank you again for watching the video. Thank you so much for hitting that subscribe button. If you want to be notified every time I make a new video, you can also ring the bell. Then that way, your device will be sent a notification and you’ll, never miss a new video from me, alright guys.

Well, I look forward to seeing you again real soon in the next video

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