Hi guys, so it’s on this video about a week ago, and I already kind of loathe the outfits and the video as a whole. But this happens to me very frequently where I will spend hours filming a video and hours editing it, and then I’m like is this even worth sharing at all? Is this even gonna help? Anyone at all these outfits is like kind of Kunti very like, but now I’m feeling like very isn’t Howie in just like soft.

I thought I would show you anyway. These are some outfits that I’ve been wearing in New York, and the accessory game is a little weak, not gonna lie, but hopefully this gives you some inspiration. Most of these fits are fully just secondhand and yeah self-expression is cool.

This first outfit is pretty simple, but it’s, an essential, more grungy. Goth. Look for me. I paired my secondhand mischief top with these amazing snakeskin pants that I found off of deep hop. They have this really rad green tint to them and they’re on a really simple gold chain.

Although I think this would look amazing with a bunch of stacked, layered necklaces and I thrifted this vinyl coat and paired it with my Damona. As my demonio czar, just like my go-to any time, I’m, trying to edge it up a bit [ Music ].

This next outfit is a complete drug supposition of the first it’s kind of my vintage ballerina look and is so ideal for warm weather the course that is really supportive and I paired it with this tulle skirt that is so breezy and light, And this is honestly a pretty casual outfit for me, I just run errands in this.

This next look has the crochet bohemian dress of my dreams, which I thrifted recently and it’s pretty see-through. So I just like to pair it with a matching bra and bottom, and I threw over this kind of quilted coat.

That is going to be so amazing in the fall, and this is ideal to wear at any vacation or beachy area. But I definitely have worn this dress around New York and I threw over a little bucket hat for that sun protection and just good to go.

I really love this outfit. I think it’s, so sweet and gentle [ Music ]. I had to throw in at least one more businessí appropriate look in here that’s, still really fun and shows off my style, and I totally dig this.

I’m wearing some sustainably and ethically made pants from the wild and my secondhand black prada shoes that I got on the real real and this black corset that I thrifted I wore underneath this beautiful, sheer button-down that is so clueless and that’s the fit as I’m sure you can tell.

I have been loving white and light neutral colors, so this white corset immediately just screamed my name. I got it from deep hop and I just paired it with my denim that I cut myself and some top form sneakers and white socks.

I feel like this is just such a classic summer. Look and it’s, definitely very flattering, and a little sexy, [ Music ]. Now for the outfit that I have been running most of my errands in once again out of comforts sake in this hot hot, New York City weather, I got this beautiful.

Dickies skirt from a stupe sale from these really cute girls who are just selling clothes on the sidewalk. It happens a lot and I’m so here for it and then I just paired it with this bamboo ethically sourced little bralette top and some black slides that I got from Dee pop.

I matched my belt with my little fanny pack and I love the way that it looks together. They kind of look like a set, and I just threw on my platform sneakers once again and called it a day. So these are just a few really simple outfits that I’ve, been wearing to buff around the city.

Well, that was the video. I hope you liked it. If you did, you can give it a thumbs up. Let me know what you want to see more for me, because, just like my fashion and my life, everything is pretty eclectic I like to do a mix of just everything, and that includes veganism spirituality clothes, lifestyle stuff.

So, just let me know what you enjoy and what you would like to see. More of I’m working on a vlog right now and I’m in a very hot treehouse, so peace out, you guys have a good, have a good eight breaths after you watch.

This may be like nourish yourself with your breath, and I’ll, see you in a video soon. I love you bye,

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Some eclectic outfits I put together into a summer lookbook.
Thanks for hanging with me : )))

Here are the outfit deets :

Outfit #1
Top – secondhand mischief
Pants – dont know brand ( from depop )
Shoes – Technopagan boot by Demonia
Jacket – Thrifted ( brand unkown)

Outfit #2
Corset – Thrifted
Skirt – Thrifted
Shoes – Random store
Earrings – Nia Thomas NY

Outfit #3
Dress – thrifted ( dont know brand rn bc I dont have it with me :// )
Jacket – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted Free People

Outfit #4
Top – thrifted
Corset – thrifted
Pants – TheWylde
Shoes – Prada

Outfit #5
Corset – Thrifted
Shorts – Thrifted Levi
Shoes – Naked Wolfe Vegan leather

Outfit #6
Top – Wearestarseeds
Skirt – Dickies
Shoes – Depop
Jacket – Thrifted

Outfit #7
Top – Brandy Melville ( from depop)
Pants- Brandy Melville ( from depop)
Shoes – Naked Wolfe
Belt & bag – Thrifted

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