Hi, guys so today I’m gonna be doing a quick little fall haul. I just got some things that I felt I really needed in my closet and certain things that will be great for fall. So I’m just gonna get into it.

It’s just a few things, but I think that these pieces might help inspire you and get you ready for what you may need in your fall wardrobe. So the first thing and the thing that I’m, most excited about, is my new purse and I have been looking for a black bag for so long.

I literally have purchased so many in the past few months just to return them because they weren’t exactly what I was looking for and then I saw this at Nordstrom for 40 % off and I bought it on the spot.

And this is a Brahman bag, so this is my first designer buy and I’ve, never heard of their brand. Until this day I got a really great deal and I just think it has exactly what I was looking for. It has such a nice shape to it and these little gold posts so that I don’t just put it directly on the ground, because this has been my everyday bag.

I bring it to class and I bring it to work and it’s, just really spacious as well. So there’s, a lot of different pockets. There’s, two on one side and then this huge one on the other side, and it also has this little clasp.

So I can connect my wallet to it and then there’s. This really convenient pocket in the back, which I’ve, been sliding my phone in and my school ideas. So this is like a really stylish bag, but it’s, also just great for everyday use, and I’m.

So obsessed with it and in love with it, I just can’t believe that it’s. Mine, like it’s, just such a luxury I don’t wish I never usually am able to get so. I really really – and I will be wearing this – probably every season to be honest.

Next I got some things from Topshop and these shoes match the by really well, I got these shoes, I think at the beginning of the week or they get end of last week. I’ve, been wearing them every single day.

I haven’t, not worn them since I purchased them, and I’m, actually surprised at how much they’ve been wearing them, but I really like the pointed toe shoes lately, so I just feel like these are the Perfect ones they’re kind of a similar leather and they are just interesting.

They look really sophisticated and edgy and they look great with boyfriend jeans and just looser jeans. If you wear these with skinny jeans, you kind of channel some Taylor Swift, but if that’s, where you’re going forth and go for it, but these were also under 50 bucks, which was really nice because the ones at Urban Are all closer to $ 200, and so, when I saw these, it was just perfect.

You know, I also got this hat from Topshop and it just has a really nice flop to it, and I think this will be great in the fall and I’m, just really excited to rock my red lips in this hat, and I just Think that it’ll be really fashionable and it’ll go with a lot of office because I’m, always wearing rock in the fall.

As you can see, I’m kind of channeling. The inner fall essence, if you will, then I got this trench coat from Topshop and this is really light and I live in California and that actually gets really cold at night to the point where I’m shivering, so this is perfect for that.

It’s, pretty light, but also I can layer it up when I go home and it’s snowing outside. So I just really like the style of it. It kind of reminds me of a detective or something, but it’s just really sophisticated, and that’s, just what I have been channeling recently.

If you could get the vibe, let me just show you bye, you guys. Do you guys feel the vibe right now so that’s kind of what I’ve been going for? If you watch on YouTube, she has this very sophisticated and European kind of style, and I’ve just been really into that research.

So we’ll, see how it evolves. But next I got some things: bourbon, these sunglasses, which yes Carlisle. I’ve, been wearing these every single day and I love them. I feel like they are just very chic and they make me look like I have a fashion blog or something, and then it’s hat just wow.

I think it just goes great, also from urban. I got this really cute teeny-tiny top it’s, the next small, but it was on sale for $ 10, so I got it and I love little turtlenecks for fall. As you can see – and I like at least isn’t cropped, it goes right below my belly when so it looks really good with low-rise boyfriend jeans and it’s, any low-rise pants and it’s.

Super tight and love flattering, so I just really like this and then I got some things from Sephora, so I got the Urban Decay all nighter spray, which is a setting spray and obviously don’t, have to wear it at night, but this is Great because it’s clinically proven to last 16 hours and I’ve, been having like 16-hour days.

I put this on before work and I work all day and then I go to school all night and my makeup stays and it looks better when I spray this and when I don’t spray it so that’s. Why? I really really like it, and I got this – I use this once like two years ago and then I just recently purchased it and it’s just been working out great, so yeah I just really like it.

It works great, so I recommend it also got some lipsticks. The one I have on is one that I just purchased and it is prayer by Kat Von D. It’s, just her lipstick and I mean it’s on my lip. So you can kind of see what it looks like, but I also got one of her lip glosses and this is in Vampira and i swatched it before you guys can see that it dries matte.

And if I can like rub it and it doesn’t really come off, so her lipsticks are amazing. I’ve heard so many good things about them, and one of my close friends recommended them to me so that’s, why I got it and, as you can see it’s like really mad, it’S hard to rub off, and I’m – excited to use this and not have to worry about it coming off.

You know, but those are all the things that I’ve recently purchased, and I hope you guys enjoy it. I know it was really quick, but I just wanted to share some fashion stuff with you, because I feel like it’s been a while until next time.

I hope you have a fashionable day and thank you guys so much for watching hi

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The second times a charm am I right ^.^
Thank you for watching this I know it was very quick, not only did have a small number of items but I was also racing to finish before my battery died! SORRY. Please let me know what kind of videos you would like to see !!!!!

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