Hey what’s up guys? Do I have an amazing application to share with you today I’m talking about an application that will allow you to watch all of the most recent movies and TV shows absolutely free on any Amazon fire device.

That’s right. If you’re using a fire TV, a fire stick of by R cubed or even a fire tablet, you too will have access to everything. I’m, showing you in this video. I’m gonna walk you through step by step, so that you too can have this amazing application.

But I’m, also going to show you how you can have all of the other popular applications that you’re. Looking for well, if you want to know how you can have all of this, we’ll just sit right there, because I’m gonna walk you through all of it right now, alright guys, so you’re ready To start installing, all of these amazing applications on your fire device.

The very first thing that we’re going to need to do is change just a couple of the settings right on our fire device. So that way, it will allow us to do all the things that we want it to do so right up here.

All we need to do is slide over right there into the settings menu all right, so we’re gonna come across and we’re. Looking for something called my fire TV now, if you have an older device, it might be called my device, but right here we’re, going to click in to my fire TV and right here we’re.

Looking for this second one right, there called developer options. We’re, going to go down and click on it now by default, both of these items are turned off. All we need to do is simply click on them, and just like that, you see I turned it on now.

We’re gonna come down here and when we click apps from unknown sources, we’re gonna have an additional pop-up right there, don’t worry. You are already highlighted on turn on just click it, and now both ADB debugging and apps from unknown sources are both turned all right.

So now that we have done that well, let’s, go ahead and click the home button on our remote. That’s, going to take us right back to the beginning where we started. So the next thing that we’re going to need to do is search the Amazon App Store for a particular app and the way that we do.

That is, we push left and we go into that little magnifying glass right there and it gives us the ability to type out whatever app in the store that it is that we’re. Looking for today, we’re, going to be looking for an application called downloader.

I’ll, go ahead and throw that on the screen, as I spell it for you now, I’ve got to the W, and if you look right here on my list right there, it has already appeared. All you need to do is go and highlight it and click on it.

It’s, going to take you right to the application right here. This big bright, orange, app, okay, so go ahead, and click on that now right here is going to give you the option to download or install let’s, go ahead and click on that and in just a second, you will see that it is All finished – and it says open once it says, open, just click the center button on your remote one more time and it’s, going to bring you right here now for this application to work properly.

You must allow this permission right here. So just click the center button won’t. Allow click! Okay, guys! Here you are in the downloader application. You are this little orange blinking cursor right there, so this application allows you to search the internet for whatever website that it is that you’re.

Looking for all you need to do is type it in right there and the way that we do, that is. We’re, going to click the center button and it’s, going to bring up the keypad so that we can continue this address into whatever address along the Internet.

We’re. Looking for today, we’re. Looking for a special address, I’m, going to go ahead and throw that on the screen for you, as I spell it all right so now that you have made sure that your spelling is absolutely correct, go ahead and click on the word go And then you do you’ll, see that the download process begins automatically for you.

So now that the download has finished, we must install this application. So we’re, going to come down and we’re, going to highlight the word, install and click on, install and in just a second. The file linked application will be installed.

It says app installed. Now we can go to done or we can slide over and click on the word open, so we’re, going to go ahead and open up this brand new file linked application. Ok, so remember the last page you were that little orange blinking cursor.

Well, this time you are right here and you are this blue blinking cursor. So all you need to do is click right there and it’s going to give you the ability to type in a code. I have a very special code just for my viewers.

I’m, going to put that on the screen for you right now. Okay, so once you have that code in right here go ahead and click the word next now you are highlighted on this word continue already, so just click that center button one more time, alright guys so welcome to my store.

Now I do ask that you take just a second of your time and hit that subscribe button that’s. Your way of telling me thank you for all of the hard work that I had to put in in order to create this store, but, more importantly, to keep all of these applications up to date, so that you have the best running application available.

So once you are a subscriber, all you need to do is click that center button on your remote and that little pop-up will disappear. But if you give your system just another, second, the creators of this application have a little pop up and all you need to do is click dismiss, and that goes away alright guys.

So there are tons of amazing applications available absolutely free to you right here. In my store, I’m gonna show you how they all work. Okay, so right here you are highlighted on the ipvanish. The world’s, best VPN.

It is my number one recommended application right here. All you do is click the center button. On your remote, you’re gonna see this blue bar fly across your screen when it reaches the end. You’re, going to see this pop-up and you’re, going to notice that that down arrow now looks like a play button that lets.

You know that the download process has finished, but we must go through the installation process. So we have to click this app one more time it’s. Gon na bring up the install screen. We’re going to slide over and we’re gonna click install and in just a couple of seconds.

The app will be installed when you were device now down at the bottom. We want to make sure that we hit the word done by hitting the word done. It brings you right into the store so that now you can download even more applications.

So what we’re going to do is we’re, going to slide right down the list and we’re going to come to the very next application called the MX player Pro. It is the absolute best internet, video player available.

So again we’re just going to click the center button and, like the other app we’re gonna see that blue bar fly across the screen. We’re, going to get the little pop-up download process has finished, let’s, go ahead and click it again, and now we need to click install to go through the installation process and again just a couple of seconds.

The app has been installed and we’re gonna click done and guys. You’re right back in the store. Now, please feel free to download as many of these applications as you want to try. They are all absolutely free for you, the application that we’re here, for today is this one cat mouse.

It was just updated. This morning I’m, bringing you guys the most recent updates, not only on this application, but on every application that I offer in my store. You will always get the most recent up-to-date app all right, so click the link at mouse and again the blue bar flies across the screen.

You get the pop-up, you click it you go over. You click install and just like that, a couple of seconds and your app will be installed right here right there. Now we’re gonna click done because guys – if this is your first time coming to my store, I’m sure you’re gonna want more than just this one app.

There are so many amazing applications for you to choose from and, like I said, download, absolutely free don’t. Be shy. Try as many as you like! Ok, so now that you have downloaded everything, it is that you want from my store.

All you need to do is hit the home on your reload, that’s. Gon na bring you right back to the home screen, but now we need to go and find all of those amazing apps that you just installed on your device from my store and the easiest way to do.

That is to hold down the home button on your remote just for a couple of seconds, and this screen will appear click right there on the word apps and guys it’s, going to take you to every application on your device, simply scroll down To the bottom, and as you can see, the last app on the very bottom is the last application installed on your device.

So guys, if you highlight this app and when your remote, you hit those three little dashes right above the fast-forward button, you’re, going to see a screen in the corner right there appear. If you move down one – and you highlight where it says, move to front and click on it, you’re, going to notice that that application was moved all the way to the top of the list.

Now I want to move just a couple more applications for you right here. I want to move this app. We’re gonna say, options key. We’re gonna go down and click move to front all right, and I want to move that app.

So we’re gonna options and we’re gonna hit move to front all right. So right now all you need to do is click the home button, because I’m, going to show you what this did for you so right here from the home screen.

This is what it looks like every time. You start your device. All you do is come down, and here are the applications exactly in the order that you put them in now. Right here is the world’s best VPN, we’ll.

Get back to that in just a second right. Here is file length that’s. My store that’s. How you’re, going to go and download even more applications or get updates for your current applications in the future.

Right here is that amazing cat mouse app that we just downloaded now, while you were in my store, you might have downloaded some other truly amazing apps, like Cody terrarium TV, Zion BTB. The list goes on and on, but before I open any of those applications, I always make sure that I turn my VPN on first, so I’m gonna open.

My VPN now right here is going to ask me to input my username and password. If you don’t already have a username and password don’t, worry it’s super easy to get one. I’m gonna leave a special link just for my viewers, giving you an amazing discount.

All you need to do is click the link right down below this video. It’s, going to take you directly to their website. All you need to do is pick out the plan that works best for you. They’re gonna give you your own username and password immediately.

All you do is enter that information right there and I’ll meet you on the next screen, alright guys so welcome to the ipvanish VPN application. Now before we hit the word connect really quickly, I want to change a couple of the settings.

All you need to do is push right right and highlight that little gear icon in the corner of your screen. Let’s, go ahead and open that together, because right here this very first item where it says start: ipvanish click that center button.

When your remote and you’ll notice that you put a checkmark next to that all right. So we want to make sure that that has a checkmark and we also want to come down. And we want to make sure that the word scramble has a checkmark, so click on that alright.

So now that both of those are checked now, let’s, go ahead and hit the back button. We’re gonna hit left left, and now we’re gonna hit the word connect. Now you might have a pop-up like this up here. Just asking for your permission, all you have to do.

Is click OK right here and in just a couple of seconds you two will be connected to the world’s best virtual private work right there. You see those green bars sliding across my screen. That lets me know that I am protected so now that I ‘

Ve turned this on. Let’s, go ahead and hit that home button on our remote. So now we can go and open up. Those amazing applications that we just got from my store. Let’s, go ahead and open the brand-new recently updated cat mouse application.

Now again, guys right here is going to ask your permission. You must hit allow if you want for this to work properly. Alright, so click allow again we’re gonna click. Ok, now right here you can choose the X player, which is built-in now guys, honestly, it’s, not that bad, but the MX player is the best player available, which we just got from my store, so go ahead and click on MX player and Over here we need to highlight and click on the word proceed.

Alright here we are in the application all right so right here, you are on this little triangle and if you click the center button, it’s. Gon na bring up all of the genres that you’re able to search through television shows.

I mean there’s, so much on you can choose everything that it is that you’re looking for they have this categorized. So well, alright, so we hit the back button to get out of that. Now we move over to this.

Let’s, click that now it’s, going to give us the opportunity to switch between movies and TV shows. So let’s, go ahead and click on movies right here guys here is the most popular recent movies available.

All right, so all you do. Is you find the movie that you want? Let’s, just click on this one. Now you might have a pop-up like this. All you got to do is hit ok, didn’t, just click the center button. Alright, so the way that we hit play on these movies is it’s all the way up, in the top right hand, corner that little sideways triangle we’re going to do.

Is click on that and now what it wants to do is give me a pop up, but right after that now it is scraping the internet for all of the available sources of where you can play this movie from so right here guys, as you see the Different links are popping up.

Now we’re, getting a couple: 1080, 720, 480 and under 480 you get something called high quality, but we’re going to get into that in just a second. So if we just sit here for a couple of minutes a couple seconds depending on your own internet speed, you’re, going to notice that you get more and more and more and more links available.

So right here we’re. Getting 2 in 4k and look at all of these available in 1080. Look how many links are available right here so guys. This is what I’m talking about when I say that this is 10 times better than terrarium TV.

So I’m gonna hit the home button. I just want to show you something we’re going to go and we’re, going to open up terrarium TV, I ‘ Ll click allow’and we’re just going to bypass and we are going to go and pick the same exact movie that we have right here.

We’re gonna click play just like we did in the cat mouse app, but now we’re in actual terrarium TV all right. We’re gonna click and get out of the pop-ups. Now this is actual terrarium TV, so if you guys are still using this, I’m.

Sorry, these are the links provided to you from terrarium TV itself. Now we’ll sit here and we’ll wait and we’ll wait and you’ll see this is about all of you get. It does not change there’s, nothing that comes up above high quality now, as you saw from the previous app, these are even below 480 and 480 is about as equivalent to a VHS tape.

So you can imagine what the quality on this is. Now we can sit here all day, long and wait and wait, but you’re, not going to have any more links pop up on terrarium other than these, where if we go back to the cat bounce app, this is what we are having for Available just in 4k and guys look at how long the list is just 1080 links.

So I know I get so many comments about the link. Doesn’t work or something’s wrong or there’s, a some subtitles that you don’t like pick a different link, and you will have different results, that’s. Why there are so many different links for you to choose from? I am sure that if you are having issues with one link that you would be able to choose another one and it would work for you just fine all right so guys as you can see the same exact movie, but completely different results when it comes to This app versus terraria so, like I’ve, been saying if you like terrarium, when you were going to love the cat mouse application.

Well guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for spending your time watching this video. I truly hope that you enjoyed this application as much as I do, and I hope that you got some other great apps why you were visiting my store.

Well, please, don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up. Give me a comment down below you can ring the bell if you want to be notified every time that I release a video but guys I would love it if you were kind enough to hit that subscribe button.

I had just surpassed 1 million subscribers and I’m on my way to 2 million, and I need your help to get there. Alright guys. Well, thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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