What’s up youtube? We are going to bring some serious value in this video. This may be the most important video you have ever watched about vpns and online protection. Today, i’m, going to show you guys how to protect your streaming privacy and your downloading privacy with end-to-end military-grade encryption.

That means that another country’s. Military couldn’t even crack this code. I am also going to show you three ways to increase your streaming and download speeds. Let’s, get to it. [, Music, ], alright, guys! Thank you for stopping by let’s, not waste any time.

Let’s! Jump right into this, so a lot of people have been asking me about my secret speed settings for ipvanish. Now we will get into those towards the end of this video so stay tuned, but i want to make sure that all my bases are covered for all the new people out there.

So let’s, go over some basics. What is a vpn, and why should we use ipvanish in simple terms, you can think of a vpn as privacy technology. It allows you to browse the web and stream videos and make secure payments online without having to worry about anyone snooping in on you and that’s, whether it’s, the government, a hacker or probably, most importantly, your isp, and, as You can see in this picture how vpn’s work.

Is they create this military-grade encrypted tunnel? That will make sure your data is protected from end to end. Ipvanish does not log any of your activity and does not hand any of our logs over to any governments or big companies, and if you use any streaming services it’s.

Just not smart to use them without the protection of a vpn, and there are so many reasons why we should all be using vpns, and so some of the top reasons are you can gain access to restricted streaming sources in some cases, depending on where you are Located so, for example, with apps like kodi or cinema hd, you will notice.

Sometimes you will get more links when you have your vpn turned on and most likely it’s because of your isp. Your internet service provider has probably flagged some of the servers for those links, and the only way you can gain access to them is by using a vpn.

Probably one of the top reasons to use a vpn is to make sure that you don ‘ T set off any throttling tripwire setup by your isp and once you set off this tripwire, you will then be placed in a separate tier of bandwidth and possibly you may even be silently, throttled or ghosted.

Now most isps swear that you have unlimited bandwidth, but if you start noticing at the end of the month that you experience more buffering and network issues, then it’s, a good chance that you might be being throttled and the only way you will Know is to turn on a vpn.

I will include a link in the description that will send you to the correct place to purchase a subscription for this amazing end-to-end military grade encrypted vpn service, full disclosure. We do receive some commissions when you use our links.

It does not cost you a dime extra and in fact i’m, actually going to show you how to get a discount and save some money. So if you like what we do and you are going to purchase a vpn subscription anyway, then please use our links and you get the added benefit of helping us out.

Okay, now i’m, going to briefly walk you through how to purchase a subscription on your phone all right guys. Here we are on my youtube channel actually on my last video and to find the ipvanish link on any of our videos.

All you do is just select the title for the video to see the video description down and you ‘ Ll, see that little lock symbol then just click the link right there below it. Okay – and here we are actually on the ipvanish website.

We just want to make sure that you’re actually going to the right place. There’s, a lot of imposters out there so make sure to use our links. Okay, as you scroll down, you can see the prices here, but i’m, actually going to show you the discount, like i promised before so.

What you’re going to do is scroll back up and select the hamburger menu right there. In the top right hand, corner select, it select pricing, [, Music, ], okay, now scroll down, and we’re gonna scroll down all the way to the bottom.

Okay, i haven’t seen any other creator show this. So here we go go ahead and select number five [ Music ]. They say from time to time. Ipvanish offers promotional rates listed on the website homepage.

If a promotion is not available, new and former customers should check the coupons page for a discounted offer. Also, this is a big one and i didn’t know this until recently, college students and educators may also take advantage advantage of our student discount.

So let’s. Go ahead and select coupons, page [, Music, ]. Okay, as you can see, you got a discount here, and so, if this is your first time buying a subscription for ipvanish, you definitely want to take advantage of this coupon.

So you just scroll down and select save now and there it is. You got the price drop from 10 bucks to eight bucks and so forth. So just choose the plan that works best for you create your account and take advantage of all the devices that you get.

You can install it on your phone, your computer. Obviously your fire! Stick or your apple tv, and so that’s. What we are going to do now, i’m, going to show you how to set it up on a fire tv stick: 4k! Let’s! Do that now all right guys here we are back in my fire stick 4k here, and the installation process is a whole lot easier because the app is actually inside the amazon app store.

So we’re just going to scroll over here. In the top left hand, corner select the search, icon and type in ipvanish scroll down there. It is select it again and now select download, got it. [ Music ] select open, like i said, the installation part is real easy.

The real value is going to come in when i show you how to set this up and configure a vpn for the fastest download speeds which equals the fastest streaming speeds, while being protected by military grade encryption.

I’m, also going to go a whole lot deeper into how to select the fastest servers, but first things first go ahead and get logged into your account: [, Music, ]. Okay, now that we have the app installed, we are inside the ipvanish dashboard and, as you can see, in the top left hand corner, you can see your ip address and your location.

Now i’m, actually going to show you each section of the settings in this dashboard, but before that we are going to download a speed testing app. This way we know for sure 100 the speeds that we have before we turn on the vpn and when we choose different servers.

So let’s, go ahead and do that now press the home button and we’re gonna scroll back over here in the top left hand, corner the search button and search for analytic type it in exactly as you see it. [, Music, ] scroll down to analytic, speed, test, wi-fi analyzer, select it select it again and download it.

[ Music ], select, open, [, Music ] all right and it just starts testing it right away. Without you even selecting test, [ Music ], all right 115 down and about 12 up all right, let’s. Do it one more time i like to just make sure that the first test, isn’t a fluke so select test again.

[, Music, ], okay, so the second test is pretty close to the first test, so that’s, our baseline speed and now what we’re going to do is is turn on the vpn. But the first thing we’re going to do is is just select the server that they have as the default, so press the home button, [, Music, ], okay, let’s open ipvanish again, and now we’re, just Gon na select connect, select, okay and now we can see the spikes in the download and upload data transfer speeds.

Okay. So now we’re gonna actually press the home button again to go back inside analytic. So let’s. Select analytic and now let’s run that test again on the server that they picked automatically it’s, not looking good.

So actually, our upload speed is about the same, but our download speed is down by about 90 points and that’s horrible. So now we are going to actually configure some of the different features in the settings to get this speed up all right.

Let’s, press the home button again open, ipvanish, select disconnect, and now we’re going to scroll over here to the right, okay. So the first feature here start ipvanish on startup. In my opinion, since we’ve chosen to invest in this service, we might as well use it to its maximum capacity and as frequent as possible.

So go ahead and select it now. Let’s, scroll down to startup connection action and select it okay, it says, startup connection action and it’s default on do not automatically connect and, in my opinion, the best one to select here is connect to last connected server, because We’re, actually going to choose the servers that we want to use and i’m going to go into a lot more detail when we get there so select it.

Okay, let’s, scroll down to auto reconnect. We want to leave that on. We definitely want that on. Let’s scroll down to allow lan access. I would definitely turn this on if you are already using your local network to stream entertainment and if you aren’t, you might want to consider it.

I’m, actually going to be doing a few movies. I’m. Actually going to be doing a few videos about this in the future, so i’m, going to go ahead and turn it on. This is totally up to you. Okay, scroll down a split tunneling.

Okay, now split tunneling allows us to do something very useful. It allows us to remove apps from the protection of your vpn without making you vulnerable and one of the main reasons why you want to do this, because some apps won’t work with vpns, for example, netflix.

So it’s. Definitely one of the apps you want to exclude from the vpn another app that a lot of people exclude from the vpn is any app that allows you to cast your screen from your phone to your tv, any of those apps that you use.

You definitely want to add those to the exclusion list so to find netflix. You’re, going to have to scroll down netflix hulu or any of them that you use now to find netflix or any of the paid apps that you’d, like to use you’re gonna have to scroll Over here into the top right hand, corner select those three, those three dots select them select, show system apps.

Now i don’t have netflix installed, but this is where netflix and hulu and amazon prime videos. This is where they’re gonna be okay. So let’s. Press the back button. Okay, let’s, scroll down to open application after connection and select it.

This is a new feature, and now you can choose which app you want to immediately open after ipvanish has established a secure connection. Once again, this is completely up to you. For me, i’m going to choose tv mate, okay, press, the back button; okay, let’s, scroll down to the scramble feature here now.

What scramble allows us to do is to avoid being detected by isps, which simply means it stops them from finding out. If you’re using a vpn, it’s, not anything that’s going to affect speeds at all, but i like to just go ahead and check it just in case a situation arises, and i wish i had it On so go ahead and turn it on okay, let’s scroll down to protocol.

This is a big one guys. This is a very big one. Protocol go ahead and select it, and now the ipvanish team is by default, making sure that openvpn udp is selected because it ‘ S been proven that this protocol is better for streaming.

I don’t want to get too far into the technical stuff about it, so just go ahead and make sure that it’s selected. If it’s, not in yours and let’s, move on press the back button. Okay, let’s check the port, select it, so they only give us one option now this has changed.

So let’s. Go ahead and press the back button all right and if you scroll down and you select contact support, they give you the url that you can use to contact the support team. If you have any questions, this is definitely who you want to contact.

I haven’t had many issues, but the times i did their support team was amazing, so don’t hesitate to contact them. If you have any questions. Okay, select, okay, okay! So now we’re gonna dive. A little deeper into server selection – and this will impact download speeds dramatically all right press the back button.

Let’s scroll over here to the left. Now we’ll say this: you do want to choose vpn servers that are located in your country. They are just going to be faster, that’s, just the facts of the matter. Now let’s, scroll down to city.

Now, depending on where you are in the country, you just want to choose the city that’s closest to where you are located. So let’s. Scroll down, i’m in california, so we’re gonna select los angeles okay.

So now we’re gonna scroll down to the bottom, where it says server best available and select it. Okay, here’s, where things get tricky, and this is what i mean i’ve heard many creators and people that i know talk about that.

The smaller the milliseconds are over, on the right hand, side where it says 25 milliseconds that the smaller that number is the faster the server should be. I just want to let you know the hardcore facts and you could test this for yourself and i’m gonna do some tests here, so you can see for yourself, but it’s, not always the case.

What i’ve noticed is, is that the top servers tend to be over utilized. So let’s, go ahead and select this top server, and then we’re gonna do another speed test so select. It select, connect open tv map, press the home button.

Now let’s open analytic again and let it do a speed test: [ Music, ] whoa, that’s. Just insane and like i said in theory, it’s supposed to be a faster server at 25 milliseconds. But let’s test another server, so press the home button.

Now let’s open ipvanish! Again let’s disconnect and go down to server, and now we’re going to scroll down. I’m, going to scroll down all the way to the bottom. Okay, so i see one lower than the 25 that i chose.

So i found some that are in the hundreds before try to find a huge one here. I don’t, see any so let’s, choose a 17 millisecond server and let’s. Try it select it press the home button. Oh sorry, select iv vanish again, select, connect all right, press the home button again and now let’s, open, analytic, again: [ Music, ], okay and as we can see it looks like we did.

We found a fast one. It took us some time, but it ‘ Ll be well worth it, and now, whenever you sign back on it’ll automatically connect to the last server, and these are all the best tips and tricks and features that we can use to make our download speeds faster while being protected with military Grade encryption, that does it for this video don’t forget to hit the notification bell like share and subscribe help us with the algorithm thanks for watching till next time.


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  1. Yeah for me after spending a few hours trying to find best servers… not for me. I had 80 down and the best I could find is 12 down. Crazy to spend several hours trying to find a city and a server.


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