But I got things: fine, don’t. Look like this here’s, your Cairo, a piano kiddo, will be here and it’s like a sweet photo. She said you’re, not gonna, like the photo, and I’m like why, like you know, you look the conch back yeah, so yeah I got it.

I always see it in myself and it’s, not good, because, especially with acting yeah, you want to be like you wan na, be like the dude. You know right, but I got things. Fine, don’t. Look like this. Try to get my Reynolds uh, you know thoracic spine.

I love it Sally. I’m. Just a big fan of people named Ryan yeah and I’m just trying to get like back over here. Yeah. So look here’s. What we’re! Looking at that we did an exam week. We took some pictures.

This is your neck back to front. You’re, leaving off to the right so on we’re gonna put some Beyonce on it. Get you day. You know to the left to the left. I love it. Oh, you know musically. Yes, we’re gonna, do it, and but really, though we got to get you lined up.

So I want to see your spine straight so that it’s, not out of alignment right. When we go to your, let’s, go to your lower back, you see your lower back is leaning off to the left, so we want to bring the lumbar spine into alignment from the side.

We want these red and yellows to match up, because the farther they slide forward equals pain and disc problems right, fair yeah. You got a little kid. How old is he he’s gonna be a year at the end of this month? Yeah happy birthday right, thank you! Yeah! It’s cool my 10 year old boy still wants to carry it upstairs and downstairs every day that’s, unacceptable yeah! You better climb these stairs.

You know any patients had to see to get you a two-story home, yeah yeah, so II, but you know it’s like, but I know I won,’t be able to. I won’t, be able to carry them at some point. Well in our video that we shot last week yeah you picked up my friend Jonah, who is a larger boy, and you I mean no problem.

I think actually hurt myself. Are you okay? I’ll, be all right. I’m gonna rehab right now, great now back to clinic that’s. Amazing yeah! He’s, a big boy. He’s, a big boy. I ask you tell say dude that’s, everything to me, so we’re gonna work here.

What we want to do and we’ll, see you is when we strap you down literally to the traction table, sounds brutal, but it’sit’s, actually gonna pull the curve back and when we deform and reform The ligaments, it actually will stay, got it and that’s like that’s, the currency right there we come up to your mid back and I know you were mentioned, like playing piano, sometimes and yeah.

Naturally, we kind of lean forward, but this is too much so what you’re doing here. Is it’s, not that you’re, leaning too much forward? Actually it’s that you’re. You’re, you have the normal curve, but you’re translated back, so it gives the appearance of a hunchback.

Now, if you leave this over time because of gravity, it will compress and it will become like a hunchback. We don’t want that, so we want to see the red closer to the yellow, but the neck is the biggest issue.

Now did you have yeah yeah? I mean I had a bad car car accident with airbags someone died when I was 17. I love your phone ring for any sorry, so yeah yeah yeah and it uh yeah. I’m. I was making a left and I got you know: t-boned it’s, not what it’s code, yeah, t-boned, yeah, my god t1, and it totaled my car and it broke my arm and the whole thing Wow.

So that’s, that’s, probably where you got that, because this this c4 and five other tilted forward, that’s from an accident Wow. So what we did again really quick here, we put you on the spinal remodeling role and we did show a level of Correction.

It’s. Definitely not perfect part of you over correct and you came back behind the yellow, which is in a sense good, but the flip side of it is you’re, so stiff that, rather than going into its normal form, with the yellow, it just went Erect so it’s, a harder sound better than that one, but we still have work to do sure.

So you ready for your first proper alignment yeah. This is gonna, be great. You know come on over. So can I look in these yeah? Let’s, go facedown, sir. All right, let’s, get that beautiful, spine aligned, dad shoes.

You know I’m, saying I love it. Man, let’s, have a big breath in all the way out. Amazing, mad love that deep centered breath we’re gonna breathe. It again. I know we’re gonna start in your lower thoracic spine here, and you know that you’re gonna feel a movement here in noise.

It’s. Not your bones! Rub it together, Josh one more breath: shudders loose that’s, awesome coming god, man, crazy man, there we go, and this is that that part here, that’s, always leaning, leaning forward so breath in all the way out chest relax.

Now you thought it was a little more tight up there yeah a little more inflamed, so we want to feel that motion open up to be like that one, okay, that would be a beautiful thing, hips relax for me, so we’re gonna Go down to your sacrum and your mid lumbar and we’re gonna.

Have you lay onto your left side surface? Let’s! Go on to your left side, sir. We’re gonna bend this leg, your bottom leg straight, Josh, hips, relax open that hand up. I’m gonna breathe in nice and deep and out there we go and I’m gonna roll you over a little bit more.

I’m gonna hold you here head goes back a little bit. I’m gonna contact here Josh and then the force comes between the hips and the pockets right there so breath and again head back this way, sir breathe out hips loose shoulders relaxed, oh no! Where am I yeah? Where am I Chuck? Are you Ryan wow, you’re? Thank you.

Please! Let’s. Go on your back! It’s, equal two notebooks going to back alright. So all right, you can do 360 degrees to get there perfect. Come you know the guy’s, an overachiever. Give you guys a little something right thanks for thanks for viewing dr.

Jays channel, we’re gonna breathe in then I can subscribe come on. I feel, like you could palm my head. Like a basketball, probably we’re gonna breathe in nice and, deep again, all the way out little louder go through the years, Wow breath in again, Josh all the way out drop your head back.

It’s. My dad, you’re alive, laughs, unbelievable. How crazy that that feels great. You guys come on just do it. It’s worth every penny. Come on up. You know we’re gonna see. If we get some upper back motion, you’re, pretty tight up there.

Maybe I don’t know if you wan na do head down for me chest up, though hands on top of mine up here. You know, like the fingers, give me a good squeeze chest up. Breathily fall back back back. No, you did not do that.

One to Jonah yeah that’s, unbelievable yeah! We actually got motion there. Man, we’re gonna get you. We’re gonna see standing standing up properly, guys, listen, I needed a lot of work but also come on.

Bull dancer pose and I’m. Just saying figure. Four in those pecs saying the packs I can make them dance. It’s, not appropriate right now. This is a family channel, but we all know that I’m a work in progress.

They don’t call him Josh Peck for nothing. Yeah Josh Peck come on. I tore my pack and right here just saying so I tore my pack bench-pressing and when I was on the operating table having to fix the anesthesiologist, looks at the surgeon say: Josh Peck sort, its back.

They all start cracking up. I’m. Like hey, let’s, get it together, guys all right! This isn’t a friggin Comedy Store, okay movie. In a word man, it was just a chuckle hut. Yes, let’s, get our head in the game.

I think you better like open me up that’s. Fine, I survived. Did it hold up? I think so. Yeah a man, okay, all right brother. So we’re gonna get you out of your actions that’s next time. All right today, we’re, just gonna leave it right there.

Your only homework josh is to ice here for about 20 minutes ice. The lower back that’ll help reduce any inflammation and then next time we’ll do a traction section. I love it. Thank you so much as your brother did.

Maybe a guy no joke Wow impressed yeah. We got work to do, but let’s, go that’s, real all right new best friend

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