Hey what’s up guys and welcome back to my channel now, if you are a regular viewer of my videos, you ‘ Ll know that I always give you the very latest when it comes to applications that give you free movies.

Free TV shows live TV pay-per-view. All of that – and I always keep you updated with the latest Kodi – builds so that you could enjoy all of your free entertainment, but today I thought it would take a break from making those types of videos and make a more personal video for my viewers.

You know I wanted to take the opportunity to just slow down a little bit, get to know my viewers a little bit better and for you to get to know what it is that I do how I do it. Why I do it and to just get some more information to hopefully clear some things up and answer a lot of those comments that you guys leave each in every video.

So I think the best way to start off is to formally introduce myself so hello. My name is Dave and it is a pleasure to meet each and every one of you so like I said, if you typically follow my channel it’s.

Just me showing you amazing applications and videos, and things like that. But I haven’t, always made YouTube videos. You know it’s, funny how I actually got started making the videos was. A friend of mine came over for a barbecue and he saw what I had on my TV.

Is it wow that is really cool? How do I do that? So I wanted to make him a video when I tried to send it to him text message, but the video was too large and it wouldn’t. Allow me to send a text message.

I tried emailing and it was too large. So I got this brilliant idea, hey how about if I just upload that video to YouTube and then I can share the link directly with him and then he’ll. Be able to watch the 8 minute long, video that I created for him.

Well, that was really awesome. My friend he was able to watch the video he was able to get the program on his television and he was really happy, but he wasn’t the only person who viewed that video. I actually had a few hundred people view.

My very first video and they started leaving comments and asking questions and wanting to know more, so I figured hey why don’t. I answer some of the comments and make another video. So then I made a second video and more people started watching, and I was just amazed about that.

You know 15 people were watching my videos and I just thought it was amazing. So I figured I’d, make another video well today. This is probably video three hundred and something into my three years here on YouTube.

Now, if you guys aren’t aware, I live right outside of Washington DC. I have been born here raised here, lived here, my entire life. You know I’ve traveled, I’ve, been all over a lot of different places, but this this is always home to me.

Now my wife and I, if you don’t, know already by following my previous videos. We do have six kids, yes, the six kids. Well, we have five boys and we just kept having boy after boy after boy and six months ago, we finally had our very first little girl, so we are officially done having kids and you know, life is amazing.

My wife is super happy. She finally has the little girl to put the pigtails and bows and dress in pink, and she couldn’t, be happier now you can only imagine with having six kids and we’re, all kind of stuck at home right now that I must be going insane well.

Luckily, for me, I’m. Currently, I I recently bought a house couple years ago, and it has like this shed outside on the edge of the property secluded all by itself, away from the house and it’s, super quiet and that’s, actually, where we are Right now, I’m out in the shed in the side of my yard, recording these videos, where the noise of the kids aren’t a factor you know never before in the history of my channel.

Have I ever given anybody a behind-the-scenes view so really quickly? I’m gonna go unstrap the camera and I want to give you guys just a really quick tour of where I’m at and a behind-the-scenes tour.

So here we go all right guys, so this is what you typically see, but let’s, go ahead and move around this is behind the scenes. This is what I look at every time that I create a video for you guys, so just so that you can see – and I have another little room right over here.

Yes, I know it was a very nice okay. So this space right here we’re, going to go ahead and step outside. So I can show you what it is that I’m talking about so, as you see the little red recording light that tells the kids not to come.

Bother me, while I’m recording, but you see this is a little shed on the edge of my property, so it’s, nice and quiet away from all of the kids. Alright. So let’s, go ahead and go back in here and let’s talk just a little bit more, alright guys so a little while ago, a mission that this was probably like.

My 300th, some video. Well, if you’re unaware, I used to have another YouTube called electrical MD, and that channel had over 40 million views over 1.1 million subscribers and on October, the 2nd of last year YouTube decided that they wanted to permanently delete.

My channel all 40 million views all 1.1 million subscribers gone with the click of a button by YouTube, but not to worry within 20 minutes of me. Finding out the news, I created the brand new electric M, the YouTube channel, that’s, the where you’re watching this video right now currently, but even though I’ve had two YouTube channels: 300.

Some videos I have recorded and edited every single video I have ever made from my iPhone. You know a lot of people. Ask me hey what kind of camera do you use? What kind of this I use my iPhone? You know when I was first starting off.

It had the best camera and the best microphone that I could actually find. You know I’ve tried other cameras, I don’t like them, and you know I wanted to eventually maybe write a book and explain how I went from nothing to over 1 million subscribers using nothing more than my cell phone, and I thought that it would make a pretty good book if I kept it just strictly to my cell phone, and that way you know I could encourage other people that you know you don’t need much of anything to be able to start your Own YouTube channel most people have a phone sitting right in their pocket.

Now I have a lot of people asking me. You know. Why do I continue to do what it is that I do? Why do I show people how to get all of this stuff for free show them? How to save? I mean you know it’s because of you in the comment section each and every day I read so many positive comments telling me that you love my channel that you were able to cut down on your cable bills or your entertainment cost, and That you’re able to save money and that I’m helping the families you know.

I have one comment that I can remember that came in about a year ago about a mother with a special-needs child, because her child was special-needs. She didn’t, have the money to pay for cable because she was paying for all of his medical bills and because of the video that I made, she was able to load an application onto her fire stick and give her son all of the Movies and the TV shows that it was that he wanted and he was able to watch them over and over and over absolutely free and she couldn’t have been more grateful and you know it’s because of comments like that And all of the positive comments I get each and every day that I continue to do what I do now really quickly.

Just speaking of the comments section, you know, I really need to clear up a few misconceptions that my viewers might have now. A lot of my viewers are asking me to add a movie to a certain application.

They’re, asking me to repair a certain application, or they’re, asking me about server issues with these applications, but guys I got ta, be perfectly honest with you. I don’t, make I don’t, create I don’t develop.

I don’t have anything whatsoever to do with any of these apps. All I am is a normal guy that found something really cool on the internet that I want to share with you that’s. It I don’t. I can’t, go into the applications and change things or or add things or repair things whatsoever.

I really wish. I could because trust me. I want to repair them for me too, but when something happens or something goes wrong or something doesn’t work, the way that it should. I’m sorry, but there’s.

Nothing at all that I can do to fix that. The other thing is is like I mentioned. I live right outside of Washington DC and I have a very good internet service. I have Verizon with the one gig speed, so everything for me is very very fast.

Now I know that the way that these applications perform in my area with my internet speed are going to vary from place to place it’s not going to perform the same way in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Alaska.

You know it might not even perform the same way in Oklahoma, so I really want to apologize to those that see something working here on my screen and you don’t, get the same results where you live and again I’m.

Really sorry, there’s, nothing I can do about that. It all has to do with the speed of your internet with the speed of your device and other things like that. So I’m. Really sorry that I can’t fix the apps I can’t fix the internet speeds for you, but guys what I can do is offer you options that’s.

Why, when you go to my story, you can find so many different applications, because different apps work for different people in different areas, different ways. So I wanted to make sure that everybody doesn’t matter where you’re at you’ll, be able to find something that works for you.

The other big huge thing I always get in the comments is people as saying that they have this Android box, that in drink box they have this television or that device, and they want to know how to put all of these apps on that device.

The problem is, is I don’t own those devices? I don’t have a sony, bravia XT 10, a vision I don’t have XYZ and drink box. I don’t have the items that it is that you’re asking about so therefore I can’t tell you if this will work or how it will perform, or anything about the devices that I don’t own that I can’t specifically try it out on physically myself.

So again guys. I just want to say I’m. Sorry that I can’t answer a lot of the questions or help with a lot of the issues I’m, just a normal guy that found some really cool stuff on the internet, and I make videos like this to share it With you guys, so that you can find that same stuff as interesting as I do, I want to take just a second to say.

Thank you very much for making it this far in the video and listening to me ramble on and on. I really do appreciate each and every one of you taking time out of your day to watch my videos to like to subscribe to comment.

All of that, I really do appreciate each and every one of you, and I hope that this video has helped answer. Some of your questions and helped for you to get to know who it is that you’re watching every week, making these videos just a little bit better, alright guys! Well! Thank you so much for spending your time with me and I look forward to seeing you again real soon in the next video

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