Yeah, I’m trying to like adjust the lighting super grainy, so hurricane durian. Well, we have power. I’m gonna do gait analysis, so y ‘ All can see what’s going on with my patient. What was an accident when you were younger mm-hmm cause what she feels like her pelvis to just rotate all right and I believe her because go ahead.

Can you see her posture and she’s having this right, knee pain, right and ankle and ankle yeah, you’re just and then her back and, like I told before every time she makes a pass here. I look at a different section, so she has a left right left shoulder the right side of your neck hurts as well mm-hmm.

We’re gonna do before, and after okay, before the doesn’t it afterwards, we have a chance. The power might go off the forces that maybe we don’t know. What do you want to do? Linnea? Do you want to just keep this set up a case? It goes out again, yeah.

Okay, it’s funny because when I was watching on your videos, I’m, like I wonder if those people are as bad off as I am, or maybe I’m, just exaggerating how much pain I’M in there’s, quite an imbalance here yeah and I don’t know what part of your daily life is causing it.

But I probably should just not look down over. All of your people are so nice and quiet, and I’m. Like I don’t know. If I could be that quiet it’s. Okay, we just pulled my question. You don ‘ T have to be not.

Everybody is yeah. If you watch them, you know, I would say they try to be quiet because they’re trying to relax, but not everybody relaxes that way. Go ahead. Tell us what you yeah whoa Wow. I’m getting it.

I’m old that I go over a band okay. So then, what I do is I come in here and see oh, and this is where the adjustment helps. You know, cuz. I try to see if I can’t relax this bone. This is the atlas. If you’re talking about more your chiropractor yeah adjust at the Atlas, this is it right here, yeah, really it all comes from and paint up into.

Your eyeball and huh yep give it a little break. Try again it’s, a good pain, though you know, like you know it’s, got ta, get better. It’s, a it’s, a discomfort, but it for me is just pressure. Yeah, it’s pressure, it’s pressure and it’s like sometimes it radiates around.

I have to cut through all of this – Oh see that yeah, the suboccipital muscle right, so you’ll. See me come up into here. I’ve, been to the skull, so I say: never do your hair before you come in here because existing it, I just cuz.

You know this muscles go all the way up into here. You know well above the hairline she’s. A photographer – and I just know you go how heavy are those bags there? I try not to carry the bags. I try just to carry the camera, but it’s.

You know it. It’s, something it’s still weight. I tried to carry it really small purse, because I know that’s, all bad. I just wear a fanny pack. I don’t have to carry it around. My shoulder he’s enough beneath yeah.

It is I mean I can feel almost the bottom of it. Oh yeah, look at that that’s. We nice see there’s, nothing to grab this just over there. Okay, chin back for me, oh my goodness, that feels like a bit stuck for a year.

Okay, you all right! Oh yeah, okay, great! Oh! I got one more chin back right here; no, no, it might not go, but that’s. Okay, all right! Just take some breaths that was a big one. Mmm-Hmm hope it sounded as loud on the outside good on the inside.

We all heard it just, but it’s right near your ears. Oh yeah, you ‘ Ve, definitely hear it yeah. No! You did break which toe so the little baby, one on that far side, I like a ballerina fracture on it from falling on stairs, so it doesn’t actually bother me in any way, but just figured.

I probably should if it feels a little weird this one here, yeah okay, I’m gonna just it’s funny. Sometimes I make a lot of noise. Sometimes they make no noise. So I’ve decided to make a lot. These toes aren’t clicking all right.

Well, I think what’s going on is when you walked. I heard them yeah. You know I mean they’re. Just popping all on their own, except for that one you know so hurt when I do that feels a little unstable here, yeah, oh yeah.

I can tell that because my grab around, I feel like everything here I feel like ABCD. I pull when I find out which letter okay, which bone has the instability, and you do have instability right here. It’s.

The way you walk, I think the way your posture is whatever happened to you as a child. Yes, this has been building up for quite some time and you until we fix this. This is going to continue to pop yeah.

Do you notice yourself favoring the site when you stand? Yes, most people. Do I’d? Probably do because it’s, my right side, but I I think conscious are trying to do the website marketing. Let’s just decide to stuck anyway.

So let’s just get. It feel that yeah ain’t got ta. Get all stuck over here me feels good. Alright, here’s, the bad knee. Is it really sword? No, nothing’s that place. No. Where do you feel the pain totally agree? You’re, saying right here.

It hurts yeah pop it into here: [, Music, ]. Most people are contracted over here. They have pain here and they work here where their pain is no find the tight spot and work on it. On your case, it’s over here, so turn the foot in.

She has a right foot flare anyway, turn. If any there we go, it’ll get easier as we go through it did you understand it’s over here don’t. Look one! Oh yeah, that one’s too, with us yeah. So then you go into here, you take.

Take a ball. Take a thick, your foam roller yep go in there. Where that knot is, I’m. You can see right as I roll over it. It’s, not your pocket either nope. It’s right there. Just I spun it. I’m gonna go here.

Do the hip there’s a hip, but you know I have to relax this in order to get hit. Let’s, see if I did anything for you. You were about here, you like what it says. Do you tell me? No, it’s. Okay, I find him anyway yeah deep breath in Oh yep and then out.

Cz is that yeah again good? Well, you know why don’t. We give this one to deep breath in Ian. That was easy. Hmm! I just stopped myself there from bite harder. Okay back to where we were. I knew the ribs were always an issue: oh yeah, oh okay, that’s when it starts hurting, but it’s up there.

Okay, here we go here, we go. This is what you need, though I know all of our little rolls. I’m need not right. There wow, I didn’t know you got all this up here. I figured it was on the right side, but actually on the left.

That’s hurting so much more surprise. Surprise yeah. It’s right here, yeah, oh yeah, so I wanted to get the adjustment out of the way it was so bad that’s caused from shoulders up in that ravine, oh yeah, you raise your shoulder up, drag all these ribs along With it now I’m.

He’s sitting here, trying to push him back down, so you know how all this will be undone but sitting at the computer with your shoulders up touch up. You understand! Yes, as long as you understand what’s causing it, you can figure out ways in your daily life to undo it so that you, don’t, keep creating this problem right.

Okay, so I pretty much figured out the neck, and now what’s gonna take longer as the pelvis yeah that’s, not take a little while that’s, some old trauma yeah. This is more recent. Oh hello! Okay, this is not massage yeah, it’s.

I the people who confuse when they watch the videos think oh yeah, sure they think it’s massage and it’s like no. It’s, really annamund emulation. It’s, an address and adjustment. So then, because what I do is I did it this joint there’s, a joint right here.

You know I take this joint, that’s stuck yeah and I move it right. So the muscles out here, the muscle, runs along here, okay, but the joint is right underneath it the only time I worry about the muscle is here, oh, and that the brachial plexus is right here.

So you say you have pain down into your arm yeah. I know it’s there, so it looks like massage it’s, not really right, Medical, maybe massage, but it’s, not even that right. This is getting that nerve, taking that nerve and freeing it.

So what do you want to call that it’s, the mini dragon? Yes cuz! Here we go. I’m going to take this joint move. It down, move it down, breathe that’s it the joints are called facets. Okay, so I take the Fassett and I close them down right when they’re open, they swell up and squeeze them shut.

My goal is to get that rib to come down. Look there’s already petechiae bruising coming out. Just me. Moving that rib, you know, crap comes out, it’s, been stuck it hasn’t, been moved, and once you move all the you get all the crap out, then you’ve.

Then the real work begins. That’s. Why you’re sore the next day you’re, releasing your build-up and it makes it everything sore, and that’s, also, why you should drink so much water, that’s, water, water, water, good! I didn’t know that was tight.

This is a compensation. Okay, okay, sorry, poor thing! I knew something was wrong: oh pretty bad, but equal a strainer hurt really bad like this have to do the roller on the glutes yeah. I can see the TV right here here’s.

The spinous process right here here’s, the next spinous process. Okay, the joint is located right there, okay, so when I put one on it’s just so I don’t. Tear up your skin and I come in here – take a tissue pull as we call it, and I push that joint down whoa that’s.

So weird, I feel like all down my side yeah. This is what you think. It is yes because everyone just thinks you’re, pushing or not. Well, I am, but why is there not there and what’s underneath or not exactly nothing, nothing, hmm, maybe a little bit of something right there.

You know I feel some scar tissue there’s. The joint I can feel the joint, with the edge of my elbow when I push down that’s too pointy come in here to the side close that down and it’s. Fatigues. I’m, worried about the joint underneath it and the joint through pressure, but just look now it’s, bouncing yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Look at all that inflammation down there. Look at that uh right there’s. The joint yeah push this is Wow and like not like, I can’t handle it. Wait just like a wow, it’s. Can I do some of the other points of pain, kind of way it’s.

Gon na keep connects to your hip yep, with the QL muscle attaches here, which is a muscle from your lower ribs to your top of your pelvis. So you’re going to feel it. You know running through this muscle, yeah good thanks power, flicker power.

No, we might be without lights. I’m finding it. Where is it right? Nope came off of it right there. Okay and I push now – she can’t handle too much. I can just tell actually do it. Okay, so oh yeah, that’s, where it is right there, so that’s.

When you see me, do these things? Okay, I give one leg a break. Put one put my back like this: get a curve on one side. Switch legs get a curve on the other side of my back, so it’s. A double benefit here, yeah I get to fix my back sure.

Is it the same? We got ta, get loosen this up. First, oh you know. Let me go okay, that’s, not relaxing! Let’s. Take it on down here’s. The scapula connects to the rib cage here. Relax that yeah there’s, that rib yeah relax that you don’t break these adhesions.

This is how I do it right. Even up there goes try it again right there we go much better yeah, you understand it’s all to get the joint to loosen and relax. The muscle will follow wherever that bone pulls muscle goes with it.

Now, people do think that the muscle will pull the bolt phone out of place. That happens, but only temporarily, you want permanent change. You’ve got to fix the bony structures. Muscles are more pliable than bone, so when you sometimes you can get the muscle to cramp and it will pull over the spine, but the spine is designed to go the other way.

It live very easily. Go back surprise. We still have power well that’s, a good sign it. The power goes out with just a little thunderstorm yeah when the hurricane actually gets here. So how would you best explain what scraping it’s? Just pull! You know all that crap that I released yep pull into the skin, okay, bringing it out that’s.

What I hope is pretty sure, but you know it’s like with like wait until the husband sees my back. You’re, actually not bruising, that much huh. Really. I thought I’d, be the number one candidate for like now.

I am using a different scraper. How’s? It feel. Okay, it’s, not pointy. Over. Here, pointy, as in as sharp nope yeah, I can just get a whole bunch of it shut. Oh no, my line it’s. Just you’re, not congested here, yeah that’s right.

It’s. Gon na come out right here, which is like the last place. I thought so that’s right. I’m on your spine. Whoa see you just had to wait. I mean that type of so much warmer now this huh well. That’s, the purpose of it to fresh blood.

Okay, yeah, it’ll help cleanse this area. You know I just went in here squeezed down a bunch of fluid and a bunch of build-up. Now let’s, get some fresh blood in there did this side. I think we ‘

Ve got some in here that poor rib yeah your poor little Ruby over here you can see the outline of our ribs roomie. Oh, look at that lovely right. We’re edge of your scapula yeah. Well, what is happening to you is the sights locked and the sides wobbling around okay, yeah – and this is – is irritated that crunchy right there here we go breathe.

That’s. It I want to see if there’s. Anything left of this thing, nope nope come on here we go not. This always seems to be like doing that. Hurts well! That’s. Really you’re, really pushing into that right side – yep! Oh, my god! Yeah! Let me find my tongue got my tongue, that’s.

Good! My toe go numb your toe go numb all right! That’s, the piriformis! Now we’re over here on this side hurts dude. This is tight, yeah, sorry necessary evil. Here’s. The SI joint yikes did not know that that was there.

Oh come on blue that hurts don’t pinche. Well, I’m on it. You know I’m on the nerves. Oh yeah. I know I just yeah it’s. Just sometimes you can come up here. Take the leg, so you’re gonna roll towards me.

Okay, I’ve. Got you: okay, breathe yep beep! Oh, go right here, good yeah! I know that wood feels good good. I definitely feel my neck is like. Oh you have. These shoulders are the last of it yep, oh yeah, but of hypermobility.

On this side I mean you see how your elbow kind of yeah – I want it. Why would you just flexibility? The ligament, your ligaments are just little bit loose up, so be careful cuz. You can injure yourself yeah just that easily yeah.

I know I’m, like super flexible. Having that done, go ahead and turn and look back. It should be easier. Yes, I don’t know. What are you feeling it feels like it? I think my body is like it’s kind of processing.

Right now I mean like this is just all right: that’s, improvement in general, so you couldn’t turn my head at all. Let’s. Come on and walk that there’s in your cerebellum has to get reprogrammed so go ahead and take a walk.

It’s still clicking. Oh, but your left science pushing okay! Yes, oh yeah, weird it’s. You have it, you’re tilted this way as well. Okay, so you’re, going to be putting a lot of pressure on your ankle, so it so that may be a posture like if you ‘

Ve got any back! No, let’s. Do the same thing. Put you into my backpack. Yes, your chest out. Do it like? Stick your chest out: do you understand how it’s, not clicking no okay, but that’s, really what it is and it’s hard as a hard thing to fix yep your knees back.

This is why you’re, not used to it. Your ankle is going to continually click. If we don’t ever fix this right, the pelvis has to be aligned. There you go look II need a pillow for my wife from her head, because, if nothing years permit here’s, the principle for many years progressive your life, it’s a little better, so that’s better much brighter.

With Elmo some pants out, if you can stretch the pecs cuz, you’re, saying it wraps around into here: correct yeah, so arms back like this yeah, then only would go. You’ve got a workout and you’re tall.

You got plenty of spine yet to drape over this thing. Okay, would it be better without it be better without it, and I will do without it so arms back. You said I’m gonna try to put you where I think you should be.

Okay. Give me this arm. Yeah, you just got to open up these pecs okay, which is they’re all closed forward. As you were saying, we have a lot of really seeing pressure in my head right now around my neck yeah and I told her give it some more hours.

I’m, going to feel different parts of you kind of let go yeah and she reminded me because yeah when it comes to the face, this is important. I got the cartilage melamine away your whole body like one unit or away yeah.

I don’t know if the camera I feel like your head, opens up. Yeah weird, I’ve. Never had anyone do that before you’re, the first one I’ve ever seen that doesn’t ears. I’m like and you didn’t. Take a lot of force yeah that’s.

The way I had to jump or a thing it just kind of like oh wow like now. It is really okay.

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