Hey, I was up guys what have I told you that there was an application that you could install on any Amazon fire stick in just a few minutes that gave you all of the brand new movies absolutely free, but not only does it give you all of The movies for free, it also gives you all of the brand-new television shows for free and it doesn’t matter.

If those shows are on HBO Netflix Amazon, Prime Hulu, they have all of the television shows, with the most recent seasons and up-to-date episodes. Oh, and did I mention it’s all absolutely free. Well, if you want to know how you too can enjoy this amazing application right from home, I’m gonna walk you through step by step everything.

It is that you’re, going to need to know so that you too can enjoy free movies, free TV shows and much more well. If you’re ready to get started, let’s begin [, Music, ], all right! So you’re, ready to start enjoying those free movies and TV shows, but I’m not going to show you just how to download one application.

I’m gonna show you how you have the ability to download some of the most popular applications like Kodi cinema, cyber flicks and more giving you not only movies and TV shows, but you’re, also going to have access to Pay-Per-View live TV, sport and much more all from your Amazon fire device in order to put all of these amazing applications on your device.

The first thing that we’re going to need to do is change a couple of the settings now, if you notice right at the top of your screen, all we need to do is slide over right there into the settings tab from here.

We want to slide over and we’re. Looking for something called my fire TV go ahead and highlight it and click on it. We’re, going to open this up and we’re. Looking for something called developer options right, there go ahead, highlight it click on it by default, both of these items are turned off.

All we need to do is simply click that center button on our remote, and just like that, I have now turned adb debugging on. We’re gonna come down here and when we click on apps from unknown sources, we get an additional pop-up.

All you need to do is click turn on and just like that, both of these items are now turned on. Let’s, go ahead and click that home button on our remote, because now that we have those settings changed.

The next thing that we need to do is search the entire Amazon App Store for one app in particular. The easiest way to search through the entire Amazon App Store is push left right there into that magnifying glass.

This brings up a keyboard allowing you to type out whatever app that you’re. Looking for today, we’re. Looking for an application called downloader, I’ll, throw that on the screen for you all right guys.

So I only made it to the second letter, and it has already appeared right here on the list. There’s, no need to type out the entire word – that’s already on the list. What we’re going to do is we’re, going to highlight downloader and click on it? It’s, going to bring you right to the Amazon, Appstore and right to this bright orange app.

Once you’re highlighted on that app go ahead and click on it, open it up, because now we have the ability to download this on our device. Click that center button go ahead and download it. It’s going to install and when it’s, all finished is going to say open like this click it we’re gonna open it up right here on the bottom of the screen.

There’s. A little pop-up asking for your permission now you must click, allow for this application to work. The way that it should so we’re gonna click. Allow we’re gonna click, our center button, one more time and dismiss that pop-up, alright, guys so welcome to the downloader application.

This application allows you to go on the Internet to almost any website. It is that you’re. Looking for you notice right here, this little orange blinking cursor, that is you, and if you click your center button on your remote, you then have the ability to continue that web address into any website.

It is that you’re. Looking for today, we’re. Looking for one website in particular, I’m going to throw that on the screen, as I spell it all right guys. So please double check your spelling and make sure that you have that address entered correctly.

Once you do just click on the word go now, the download process begins automatically is lightning fast and as soon as it’s finished downloading it’s, going to ask for you to go through the installation process, so we want to Click on the word install we’re gonna give it just a couple of seconds and when it’s all finished, it will say app install.

We want to come down here slide over and we want to click on the word open now. Remember just a couple seconds ago. You were that little orange blinking cursor. Well in this application. You are now a blue blinking cursor.

So let’s. Go ahead and click our center button so right here it’s. Gon na ask you to enter an 8 digit code. I’m, going to give my viewers exclusive access to my own personal, app store, giving you my own personal 8.

Digit code, I’m, going to throw that on the screen as I enter it all right. So once you have that code entered correctly, just click on the word. Next, you are already highlighted right there and continue just click that center button.

One more time, alright guys now I do ask that if you are going to use my store that you’re kind enough to hit the subscribe button, it has taken me so much work to put the store together, but much much more to make Sure that I keep the store up to date, giving my viewers only the very best, so once you are a subscriber, all you need to do is click that center button on your remote and that pop-up will disappear.

Give your system just a couple more seconds, because the creators of this application have a pop up of their own. All you need to do is slide over click. The word dismiss alright guys, so welcome to my store.

Now, if you’ve never been to my store, I want to walk you through and show you how easy it is to install these amazing applications on your device. So, right now we are already highlighted on the ipvanish VPN.

All you need to do is click that center button on your remote one time watch this blue bar fly across the screen when it reaches the end. You’re, going to get this little pop-up and you ‘ Ll also notice that that down arrow has now became a play button that lets.

You know that the download process has finished, but we must click it once again, so that we can go through the installation process. We just slide over click. The word install ok, so now that the app has finished installing, I want to make sure that you hit the word done all right by hitting done.

That takes you right back into the store so that now we can continue to download even more applications. What I want for you to do is push it down just one time when your remote, we’re, going to highlight the MX player Pro, let’s, go ahead and click on that and again we’re gonna Watch the blue bar, we’re gonna get the pop-up.

The download has finished click it again slide over click install now that as soon as the installation is finished, we want to make sure whether we hit the word done, and it goes right back into the store just like that guys within a couple of seconds.

You have already downloaded two of the very best applications right on your device. Let’s, go ahead and scroll down through this list. There are plenty of great applications for you to choose from in tryout, but today we are here for an application that just got updated yesterday and I had to bring it to my viewers.

This is the all new nova application. It is the first time that this application has been available in my store. Alright, so as soon as the blue bar reaches the end and we get the pop-up, we click it again.

We slide over. We click install, we wait just a couple of seconds and it will say app installed and when it does again, we want to make sure that we hit the done button. That takes you right back to my store so guys you are already in my store.

Please download some other applications, give it a shot. Some of these applications offer movies some offer. Tv shows some offer live TV and some offer all of it. So please look to the store and download whatever you like, absolutely free.

When you’re done downloading all of the applications that you want just hit the home button on your remote. This is where you start off every time you power on your device. So let’s, go ahead and find all of those amazing applications that we just installed.

The easiest way to find all of these applications is just to hold down the home button on your remote for a couple seconds. When you do, this screen will appear. You’re already highlighted own apps, just click that center button, and this will bring up every application you have on your device.

The last app installed is always the last app on the list. So right here on the very bottom, you cannotice the brand new nova application that we downloaded now really quickly. I would like for you to highlight that application, and then I went for you to hit the button right above fast-forward on your remote that one with those three little dashes those three dashes.

That is your options, key so hip options and as you do, you’ll notice that menu pop up in the corner of your screen just scroll down one time: click where it says move to front and you’ll notice. I brought the application from the very bottom of the list, all the way to the top of the list.

I want to move just a couple more applications really quickly. I want to move this application. I’m, going to say, move to front and I want to move that application to the front alright guys, so you can move these applications around in whatever order is going to work best for you.

But let me show you by hitting my home button, what move it around all of these apps actually does for your device. So right here from the home screen, where you always begin, all you need to do is push down on your remote until you locate your apps and channels and as you notice here are all of the applications in the exact order that I put them now really Quickly that little weird looking application that is called file linked.

That is my store. So I wanted to make sure I put that on the home page for you guys, so that you knew how to get back to the store, and that way you can always have the latest updates in the best applications available to you right there.

Now there is the brand new Nova application that we today, but while you were in my store, you probably downloaded some other really amazing applications. Now, before I open any of these applications from my store there’s, always one app, I open first, and that is my VPN.

So let’s, go ahead and open our VPN, alright guys. So right here is going to ask you to enter a username and a password. If you don’t already have a username and password don’t worry. I’m gonna make it super easy to get one.

All you need to do is scroll down right there right below this video right there. I’m gonna leave an exclusive link just for my viewers, giving you an amazing discount that you can’t find anywhere else.

All you need to do is scroll down. Click on that link is that then gonna. Take you to the ipvanish website, where you have the opportunity to pick out the plan that works best for you once you do. They’re, going to send you your very own, username and password immediately just enter that information right here hit login.

I’m going to enter mine and I’ll meet you in a second, alright guys, so welcome to the ipvanish VPN now really quickly. Before we hit the word connect, I want to make sure that we change a couple of the settings.

All you need to do is push write when your remote two times and you’re gonna highlight that gear icon go ahead and click on the gear it’s. Gon na bring a pop down menu up and right now you are already highlighted where it says, start ipvanish.

If you click that center button on your remote, you’ll notice that you put a checkmark next to it. Just like that. We want to put a checkmark next to I start ipvanish, and then we want to scroll down and put a check mark next to scramble once you have both of those checkmarks just hit the back button.

When you remote one time hit left, and now we can click where it says, connect, you might have an additional pop-up asking for your further permission. Just click the word. Ok, and in just a couple seconds you two will be connected to the world’s, best VPN, keeping you 100 % safe, while enjoying all of your favorite content.

Now that the green bars are sliding across my screen. That lets me know that I too am protected. So now I can hit the home button on my remote and now we can go and open up. All of those amazing applications that we’ve, just downloaded from my store, but today we’re here for Nova TV.

Let open up Nova now right here on the bottom. You will have a little pop-up and again, you must click, allow for this to work properly, so go ahead and click allow alright guys so welcome to the Nova application right here.

It automatically starts you off in the TV section now, if you notice at the top, you have the ability to go through the different genres of the television shows that it is that you’re. Looking for now, if you don’t want to search by these genres, you also have the ability to scroll down through discover through trending top rated airing.

Today you can pick any of these genres here or any of the genres along the top of the screen. If you click these three little dashes right here, you’ll have a menu that gives you the ability to then switch from TV shows to movies and begin guys.

Just like the television shows. You have this genre category up at the top. For you to narrow down the search of the movies that you’re, looking for you’ll also have a magnifying glass at the very top right hand corner, so that then you would can type out whatever movie or TV show.

It is that you’re looking for you also can come down through discover trending top rated now playing a hundred percent certified Netflix move these hindi movies, UFC and pay-per-view new HD releases, but guys I’m just going to pick something So that I can show you how this works, my all-time favorite movie is Shawshank.

Now, if you have a favorite movie that you would like to comment down below, I would love to hear what your personal favorite movie is also, but guys right here. It gives you a little bit of information about the movie some ratings the year, some movies that are also like this one, but right there.

All you need to do is click. The word play give your system a couple of seconds now, depending on your internet speed. It could take a couple minutes, but relatively it’s a couple seconds, and you see all of this just pop right up.

These are all of the different locations along the internet that you have the opportunity to watch this movie from. So I’m just going to click on the top one. Alright, so click the top one. Now this is really important.

Is this part right here? A lot of people ask me: how do you watch movies with subtitles it’s? Probably one of my top five questions, I get all the time. This is how you would do that right here is play with external video player.

This is what I want for you guys to click on alright, because when you do, you’re gonna have the opportunity to then use the MX player Pro that we just downloaded from the store. So we’re, going to hit MX player pro now.

We also have the ability to choose always alright. This is from the MX player asking for further permissions, just click. The word allow give your system just a couple of seconds. You’ll, see the little spinning thing and then the movie.

Alright, I’m, not going to play any more of the movie than that, but I just want to show you guys how to go through all of the different steps. What you need to do so that you too can be able to watch all of the amazing movies TV shows and everything else.

It is that you’re. Looking for now, I just want to ask a simple question: you know millions and millions of people around the world are in self quarantine or mandatory quarantine either way. I would love to hear from you down below and let me know what is the first thing that you’re going to do.

Where is the first place that you’re gonna? Go? Who’s? The first person that you’re going to see when all of this is over now for me personally, if you don’t already know, I have six kids and that’s right.

I am stuck at home with all six of them. It is absolutely fun, but it’s also absolutely tiring. At the same time. So the very first place that I’m, going. I am taking my wife out alone without the kids to a very romantic dinner, just a little bit of time for her and I to finally get away alone.

Alright guys! Well, thanks again for spending your time with me today, so that you too can enjoy this application as much as I do now. Please hit the like button, because that tells YouTube that you enjoyed this video so that then they allow other people to enjoy this video.

Also now remember: if you’ve loved this video, you can always hit the subscribe button so that you too, don’t miss a video, alright guys well thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you again real soon in the next Video

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