I know people always ask don ‘ T your hands kill you. My goalie did honey more it doesn’t, hurt guys no pain, but there’s a here that people ways want to know what that is, that we’re feeling there’s like a glue.

It’s like an adhesion, then focal areas of muscle, spasms from posture and work and life and injuries and the other side to really just something down here. The trap here and it’s. The trap, but Nick feels great.

I have a jackknife the upper back yeah, except from the suggests key. I call that coercion once you get the muscles out of the way you can get a little bit deeper. Alright, the restoration and the cervical curve is the whole purpose of me.

My existence is to restore the lordosis allure to what the lord OSIS is. The arch that belongs in your neck. It’s, not supposed to be ortho. Ortho means straight not supposed to be straight supposed to be curved.

We work on the traps. Let’s. Do caution on the trips on my stomach notice. It am i bleedin [ Laughter, ] favorite analogy is like a plant. Every plant needs a lot three things: uh water, fertilizer and sunlight.

If you’ve planted two things, but leave out one. The plants dead that’s, just your opinion. No, that’s, just how it works. I mean, if you just plant water and fertilizer and stick it in the closet.

It’s dead, but I have the best fertilizer. I give the absolute best fertilizer, not still gonna die if I sit put in the closet, so in our body we need water, which is blood flow. You need fertilizer, which is nutrition, and everybody wants to tell you about.

Well, you got to eat this, you get that and it’s. Great and the least understood component is nerve flow. You know if the nerves not hooked up, then the area won’t, heal, and so part of this is getting blood into these trapped areas that are so tight.

We’re, trying to get oxygen in there to bring nutrients in. Take the waste out and what it means to have nerve pressure and how it influences our body and how it affects our body’s, ability to repair itself, which really is the word replacement.

Your body, doesn’t, really heal. It replaces new tissues may the old tissues removed. So we’re, trying to speed up the replacement right. By doing this, there we go more. The shoulder rolls forward, the more these.

This cable of the supraspinatus tendon is held taut and like a rope. It’s, easy to cut a rope if it’s taut. Yes, I hear so that’s. The circulation irrigation lines are the circulation and that the circulation was flowing properly.

Internally, you wouldn’t need to be watered all the time, and so, as you get the spine moving properly, you don’t need constant care, your leash gets longer and you can yeah when I can run the carpet cleaner and it Comes up clear, that’s! What I’m done it’s like tangled hair, how many times you brush your hair until it goes through evenly and without catching that’s.

What I’m done, not over there, you can you can that up, Lynnae with the right, okay, so yeah, the spines, not too bad. These appear in the upper back and in the red heads these ribs are on. Each of these has something not the bottom red: oh no, yeah! No, where’s, the location of the rebel ace? No, I sense much fear in you, so people come in afraid.

Oh my god, here’s, the path, the dark side. Just the hypersensitive nerves, you know it it’s, your radial nerve back there. This is too much. Let me see guys a lot in there right there. It’s. A part of my thinking is that the tissue, the more acidity in the tissue sensitizes the nerves, brings it closer to the threshold to the action potential point up from the resting membrane potential.

You know it that part of cleaning the spine is desensitization. We’re, trying to try to bring you farther away from the firing point. No, not there it right there. So all these muscles, the extension muscles attached, lateral, epicondylitis, wheat, lateral, epicondyle and flexor muscles attached on the medial.

So we can, you know, push down the attachments release the tension of the muscle that’s pulling on that attachment. So you want to hold that mash down the attachment and then work the muscle back don’t don’t.

Go that way always go towards the attachment movin there’s. No, I can’t even pop. My own fingers there’s tendons in here, and they’re wrapped in a sheath and so the the cables have a oil coating around them.

If that oil coating gets dried out and that cables start catching on each other and so getting lubrication in there, well, not what wouldn’t be able be people want armwrestling, but we in some war it’s like yeah.

That’s right thumbs of you right that ponens of Steel wash on the right arm. In the more you’re blocking the angle it I can’t, see the shot I’m. Just like is my boob mm-hmm and it’s gone mmm right right.

There, gee, okay, hi, all righty, no kids even see if I missed it. That was like a sacrum. No, not the SI joint anything with the SI joint. Do you find that women are more sore than guys if they’ve had child huh? No, if this joints been dislocated this joint, it’s dislocated it’s totally traumatized during birthing.

Okay, that ‘ S happened to me four times: oh yeah, there’s, nothing to see over their head. I think it’s. Your turn in the second area, you’re, not pressing harder, that’s. Okay, if you’re finding stuff Birds, give me give me a few seconds to ramp.

Oh, it’s, just as bad it’s just as bad mercy, mercy rule. No, not that oh-ho-ho, I’ll. Get you back for this? Oh, Oh, four, four five come on big toe it’s, not gonna. Do it relieve drop metatarsal of it.

Metatarsal pops up toes hammer and go upwards. So you, the correction, just tryna, realign the toes this way. Most of your weight should be on your heel. Why do we have toes and then balance not for holding weight? It just moved, but it didn’t make it no air bubbles.

I’ll. Take two from that one. Oh they just. They’re, not gon. Na move. I don’t. Think they ‘ Ve got no pops all right. It’s, going back hole in the table of Michigan, not the quad. I used to saving a little stand B.

Go to my happy place. There is no happy place there’s no happy place that they ‘ Ve all been invaded. It’s, just your face like a dartboard. When I get home and start there and darts at your face, just gonna be your face printed out our hands good gonna be okay.

There should be, nothing will be my turn: [ Music, ]

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