Sometimes life hand, to you an unfavorable hand. Trust me, I’ve had my share, but we all have them and instead of letting my mind, spiral into desolate places, feeling like there’s, no hope for humanity or never leaving my house for fear of every bad thing imaginable happening To me, I’ve learned that some things you just have to surrender to and trying to control life.

All the time will end up controlling you, even though life is unpredictable. We have so much power over our response to certain events and seeing the silver lining and everything will change your life.

So here are some things that help me surrender and help me from smiling into a dark place. My self care routine. I may not do these things every day, but I definitely do them at least once a week and they’re, not necessarily profound, but just reminders of the simple things that you can do every single day that can change the course of your life.

[ Music ] reading has always been one of my favorite things to do in this life. It’s, just so wild how words can transport you to a completely different world and, unfortunately, for me, I like really thick books like the bhagavad-gita or a lot of random spiritual texts which are just huge and not reasonable.

For me to carry around New York, so sometimes I like to listen to audiobooks and I really like them, because you have so many pieces of amazing literature at your fingertips and you can also download them so that you could listen to these books on the subway Or anytime that you don’t want notifications buzzing on your phone.

Another thing I really love about audible is the recommendation section, because I haven’t heard of any other place that can recommend you books that you might enjoy. I just think that’s amazing, I always have the cosmos downloaded onto my phone by Carl Sagan, which was originally a show, and then they turned it into an audiobook, and this just gives me so much hope gives me so much perspective.

It’s, also something that you can really easily access like. If you are lying in bed, just feeling completely unmotivated, you can just start playing a book, and maybe that will inspire you and that’s, usually what it does for me to get three months of audible for just 695 a month which is less Than half of the regular price go to audible.

com, slash, hitomi or text, he told me to 500 500 [ Music. ] cleaning is one of my very first self-care tips, which is really simple and basic, but it’s. Instant satisfaction. If you spend ten minutes cleaning, you will feel the benefits of it immediately, and I just really love that it can also motivate you to try to get other stuff done.

I have this shameful pile of stuff that always builds up by my bed and the dishes. In the sink, but I feel like I subconsciously, let things pile up just so that I can clean them extremely meticulously, because it seriously just stimulates my brain and makes my brain happy to just organize everything and put things in certain places where I decide that they Belong and once I’ve cleaned everything in my apartment, I clean my damn self and every time I take a shower, I like to visualize the water cleansing me and purifying my energy.

It’s, a really nice meditation that I do. Everytime I hop in the shower and recently skincare has been such a big part of my life, especially the past year, so I cleanse my face twice a day and on my self-care weeks or days I really love to do a face mask just for the fun Of it and my dermatologist said it, doesn’t do anything that beneficial for your skin in all honesty, but I just really like the whole notion of doing it and I do feel like it definitely cleans my pores and really gets in there.

More than just rinsing my face off, so I really love doing that, and I also love putting fresh aloe vera on my skin. It’s, really good for fine lines and wrinkles, and I just feel like my skin loves it eating breakfast might be something that a lot of you guys do naturally, but for some reason I just never eat breakfast lately, and that means by noon.

I’m starving ravenous and I end up eating something really unhealthy, something that doesn’t make me feel good, because I’m too starving to cook something healthy for myself. So I’ve, been really trying to eat breakfast as part of my self-care routine and warm hemp.

Milk has been like the best thing lately I add turmeric cinnamon and black pepper to help me absorb the turmeric. I honestly don’t know if I’m ever saying turmeric right, but it’s. Fine, and this morning I added a mix of my partner’s.

Cereals, I don’t really eat this kind of cereal. I really like oatmeal, but this is all I had and it was honestly delicious like. I guess I never really drank hot warm milk, but I totally get the appeal of it and I’m obsessed, and I also feel like breakfast for vegans is like made for adding hemp, seeds and chia seeds and, like all superfoods to One Bowl And I really love it, so breakfast breakfast is good [, Music ]! I’m, not always good at prioritizing community, because I’m such an independent person by nature.

But when I do, I feel so inspired so understood and generally excited about life. It has taken time to build a family of safe friends, but it’s worth the struggle of finding those really good people. [, Music, ] creation is something that I feel like.

I’ve reconditioned myself about a long long time ago, and I just feel like a lot of people hesitate from certain art forms because they don ‘ T think that they’d, be good at them, but I’m gonna read you.

This quote right now that I really like practicing and art no matter how well or badly is a way to make your soul grow for heaven’s sake singing in the shower dance to the radio. Tell stories write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem.

Do it as well as you possibly can you will get an enormous reward? You will have created something Kurt Vonnegut. I truly feel this way and the greatest reward, in my opinion, is the meditative feeling creation inspires because when you’re creating for the most part, you are existing completely in the present, with every brush stroke or every dance move.

[ Music ] you getting dressed to me is definitely an art form. It’s, one of my favorite forms of expression, and so when I have a self-care day, I really like to wear pieces that, like inspire me or that I feel really comfortable in and it completely can change your attitude.

Lately. I’ve, been really into wearing pyjamas outside in New York because it has been really cold, and so I have my favorite vintage pajamas with my plaid coat and I don’t care if anything matches it’s.

Just really fun, cozy and comfortable, and I feel like people always smile at me when I’m wearing this outfit. But sometimes I’ll dress up like to the max just to stay inside, because I just want to decorate myself and see how it feels like what energy different pieces of clothing can inspire.

I love working out and this may not be a popular opinion, but when I can’t make it to the gym it’s really important. I feel like for my mental health to do some kind of exercise. So these are the few butt exercises that I do.

These are really basic donkey kicks and I do about 35 reps of these four times. These are hydrants. I think they’re called, but you just kind of swing your leg to the side. These are leg lifts, so just tap your toe to the floor and then kick them up, and then I do another round of these.

Just going halfway down to just really use my glutes and it feels really good. You can definitely start to feel a burn and same thing with these. You just kind of kick up and tap your foot to each side of your body and then the last butt workout that I do are these little circles with my leg and then same thing for ABS.

I just really like to do circuits of these. Just bringing my elbow to my opposite knee – and I do these very slowly so that I can really feel my core being engaged, and this is a pretty decent workout for at home.

If I do all of these things, these are leg lifts and for some reason I just really love doing ab workouts. I’ve been doing this since I was really young since, like sixth grade I just really liked working out and I don’t know, I feel comfortable doing it at home, sometimes more so than the gym.

And then, after that, I do these kind of scissor kicks and if you do these try to go as low as you can. Without letting your back lift off the floor too much and then some of my favorites are planks. I either do plank dips, or I will kind of reach my hand under my body, and that is so good for toning, your obliques so yeah.

Another thing that I do is when I’m cooking or waiting for things in my apartment, even waiting for a video to export, I’ll, just start doing jump, squats or lunges, or any kind of booty workouts that I feel like And it’s, just a really good way to pass the time and actually get something done.

So I’m really into like sneaky ways to work out. Lately, I’ve, been a bit of a junk food vegan. So what I’ve been doing to counteract that is have at least one meal a day that’s full of veggies, and I recommend all of you guys do that it’s.

Just one meal dedicated to greens. I’ve, been loving, broccoli, rabe and kale. I just seen them with roasted sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, turmeric and salt and pepper. Also, I delete Instagram every so often, and I highly recommend you do it.

You’re, definitely not going to miss out on anything and, lastly, but definitely not least our mindfulness practices. You guys know how much yoga and meditation has been such a big part of my healing journey.

So every single day. I practice some sort of yoga breath work or meditation and specifically on my self-care days, I love to be super extra with candles all around and flowers and just go the extra mile to make myself feel special, because we need to do that for ourselves.

Sometimes, and even the act of like showing up on my yoga mat is an act of self care because I’m, dedicating time to breathing and meeting myself in the present moment and it’s really just fun, because I can be In the worst mood ever land on, my yoga mat do a few poses or a breath work practice and feel like an entire different person 15 minutes later, and that’s.

Just so incredible and all my self-care days, I really like using my yoga blocks because they just make for a super soothing, restorative yoga practice that feels like really good in every part of my body.

So those are some of the things that I do in my self-care routine. I would love to know some of yours. I do think that everyone probably should have a little bit of a different one depending on their lifestyle, but these are simple things that I truly feel have changed my life over the past year, and I may do a part two of this.

But until next time shout out to audible for sponsoring this, video and don’t forget to check my link in the bio or text. Five hundred five hundred to get three months of audible for just six ninety-five, a month which, like I said, is more than half off the regular price so be sure to give yourself the gift of listening.

I love you guys so much and I hope that you can begin to love yourself and whatever way you need in each moment, and I’ll see you in a video soon, five

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Thank you so much for watching. Self Care is different for everyone, what are some of your tips?


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How do you stay in shape?
Mostly through yoga and I workout at Least once a week in the gym. I also like doing sneaky workouts throughout the day like crunches while I’m editing and squats in between making breakfast.

Other tips for the bedroom?
– Mentally & emotionally turn your partner on! By hearing their needs, making them feel safe and vocalizing the things you love about them ( physical or mental).
– Spontaneity is key! Do it in a new place, light candles, make a playlist, try out a new toy. Its fun when its unexpected and can make things more steamy. To me s3x should be erotic and playful.
– For those with a yoni, take probiotics daily to help keep your pH balanced. If you choose to use a wash down there, make sure its Unscented. Gynecologists will agree that washes aren’t necessary, the yoni is completely self regulating and just using water everyday should be enough.
– Don’t use s3x as a weapon or as part of a power play in your relationship.

Fashion inspirations?
Most of my fashion inspo comes from old movies from the 40s- early 2000s. In High School, the show SKINS UK heavily affected my style. I love any outfit that is bold and mixes different unexpected patterns. I try to funk every outfit up with an interesting pattern or something vintage.

Do you resonate with being called a hippie?
Not at all. I resonate with some of the messages from that time but I’m not trying to be a hippie at all, nor do I do any drugs or psychedelics. The spiritual practices I study, like yoga, are scientifically proven. I’m happy just taking fashion inspiration from that era.

What are your spiritual beliefs?
I currently resonate deeply with Tantra and Hinduism. Buddhism will always play a part in my life as well!

Thank you for being just who are you.
With so much love,



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