These are the ups and downs of my journey of awakening. For a while, it was riddled with both so much truth and so much sadness. My consistent yoga practice and strengthening of neuropathways to choose love in moments of fear really changed everything for me and finally anchored my beliefs.
The past few years have felt so much more still, stable, and discerning.
It’s not that I don’t have bad days now, its that I know how to cope with them and I know not to create from an energetic place of fear. I used to think of ending my life anytime I was overwhelmed in the slightest, I now know things do not need to escalate that far. I use those moments to show myself the most love. I revere and celebrate the tiny gifts life brings me every single day. I feel my spirits, guides, and ancestors watching over me, sending me omens and intuitions. The more still I become, the more I forget who I am, the more an entirely new world opens up to me, all my potential realities revealing themselves. Stillness brings me to the deepest level of expansion.

Wherever you are in your journey is beautiful, you are worthy in all moments.

Come back in 24 hours for affirmations ! hehe

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Thank you for being, just as you are


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