I just opened up the back end in our hall. Has my luck? Hey guys so today I’m gonna be sharing some stories from my past from my young wild and free watch in middle school days, and I just think these stories are so funny.

You know like when you’re, going through high school or just middle school transitioning, and you’re, so inexperienced and everything just fascinates. You boys, drugs, alcohol, like just everything, is so new.

I was really into partying and drinking and it’s funny, because because I went so crazy at such a young age, I literally am a parent. Now, like I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. But today I would like to share with you some stories from my past have my lap talked to because I found some photos.

I found ones from way back man for my partying days, so I thought it’d, be fun to share. I’m 18 now, but when this took place I was like twelve no. I was thirteen or fourteen like going to clubs and drinking and mom.

If you’re watching this, I had to go through all this stuff to get to where I am now, and that’s. Why I’m, so grateful um for just everything that took place so yeah. These are some high school party stories.

This might be along with your video, so grab a snack. So this first story is about. When I threw a party I don’t know what the reason was for me throwing this party, but I just decided you know I’ll hit up a bunch of people.

I think I posted on Facebook. I told everyone to be there and told everyone until I give me some money for alcohol. Not everyone did, I think, like five people did and there was about 50 people invited and for some reason I invited like all guys.

I invited like all guys – and there were only five girls and like forty five guys who showed up on my house and the five girls were with me, where my age and the rest of the boys. We’re in my grade and all the grades above so they were sophomores, seniors juniors and they were expecting a lit as party thrown by me Hitomi, the 13 year old is freshman year.

How hard can this be like just invite people over against an alcohol? It’ll, be fine, but but alcohol connects we’re, not prime, and I was literally texting like five different people like please, please bring alcohol like bring whatever you have.

I’ll pay for it. I’ll, buy it, and so I got one person to bring like 40 or 50 beers and everyone party, literally devoured them like people were stealing them and hiding them in places because they knew there.

Wasn’t a lot of beers. So pretty much within one hour, everyone had had like one beer before playing beer pong, and then there was no more and there was no way for me to get any so people were just kind of like walking around and roaming around.

My house like what. Now this is dead as [ __ ], you know, upperclassmen the whole point. The whole reason they go to a party is just to get belligerently drunk and hook up with a girl. Well, because of me, there was no beer and no girls that’s.

What I thought needed to be done to throw a successful party. Basically, I was so embarrassed and all of my girlfriend’s left me like I, my four other friends here with me literally were like uh uh yeah.

We have to go because it was literally so dead and so awkward, and so, but I did it because I was so embarrassed, and you know when you’re, just a young teen and you just want to impress boys. That was where I was at and I was like wow.

These people think that I’m, such a loser. It was just all dudes and I was only girl there in a house with 40 boys, 40 boys, my age and older. Can you just imagine, can you just take a moment like if you were in this position during that time in your life, how stressful that would be holy crap, so I pretended that was very drunk belligerent and I acted that way in front of everyone and I Passed out, I passed out by the stairs of my basement so that everyone would just leave me alone, so everyone would just leave my house and not hold me responsible for the lack of party favors and females, and just just because I didn’t.

I couldn’t, be a host like I had nothing so yeah. I pretended to be village really drunk, and I passed out by the stairs of my basement and I was literally sewing. I had like adrenaline at this point because of how embarrassed I would but I pretended to be passed out, and I heard people like looking at me and walking past me and being like bro, you, okay, dude or, like I know, just making comments, and I was Literally just like, and I think that I stayed there until like 3:00 a.

m. when everyone is gone, like literally, threw a party and only invited dudes and then pretended to be passed out until everyone left. It haunted me for weeks honestly, probably could’ve handled that situation better by just like inviting some girls, or you know telling people just to leave.

But now I decided to let people run wild in my house, and that was that this was a very egoic time in my life, just a completely different level of consciousness, which is also, I think it’s, fun that I’m.

Sharing this, because my has my mind and soul changed just so tremendously. Anyways gonna show you some pictures. So this one is a picture of me and my sister’s friend. This is my basement. There was a pole in the middle which people would often start pole dancing, but there’s.

A stair that I passed out on the other side of this next story is, I would go out to these teen clubs a lot with my friends. Also. My older sister would do this too. It was a fun time. People would be smoking and drinking in this underaged club, but you are always supposed to.

Obviously you would get pat-down and you’d. Get your back checks make sure there’s, nothing in there and basically DJ ‘ S would perform there every week every weekend on Fridays and Saturdays. I think I was 13 during this time, but end up hanging out with like eighteen to nineteen twenty year olds, which is like disgusting.

Everyone kind of talk, [ __ ] about me, because I was always partying and stuff like that, and no one else. In my grade, wise, everyone in my grade was kind-of innocent at that point, and I was the only one like hooking up with people and going out and getting drunk so everyone kind of hated on me, except for my close friends who did the exact same thing As me, because that’s, just how it goes so, this is me at the right young age of 13 and have some fake tattoo or something on my arm.

I had a wrist brace. I guess I wore that all the time now that I remember, because I thought it was so cool to have that. I just thought it was kind of like a fashion accessory to wear that. But I guess I wore that to the club and, as you can see on, the bottom left no ID needed, and that was my friend who I often went out with like she was my partner in crime.

Literally, she was um Indian and we called ourselves Harold and Kumar. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show but yeah we were just caught girls and anyways. Let’s just assess my attire really quickly.

I’m wearing a sports bra, a white and black striped sports bra with a sequined top over that and the tight pencil skirt and somebody’s, probably from Charlotte Russe or some cheap place like that. I remember those because they were really worn down here’s.

Another picture of us with these guys be kind of made friends with in this clubbing scene, because you go so often we like knew all the promoters. We met up with these guys who are friends of our friends, but we didn’t really know them and we decided to drive around off there because it was early and we just wanted to hang out and they suggested hey.

Let’s, get some alcohol and we’re like okay, yeah sure, but do you have an ID like we don’t? I do know how this is gonna work. Oh no! It’s. Fine! We got it like we’ll get it for you no problem, so we park in this parking lot.

This is in Danbury Connecticut. I don’t know if you guys know that area they park in this random parking lot and they’re like yeah, we’ll, go get the alcohol, then a cop or like a park. Police kind of guy stop and he was like hey.

You’re, not allowed to be parked here, and I was like okay, no problem, sir. I’ll, just move my car. Thank you. So much – and you know I sigh like when I saw the cop I moved to the front – see cuz you’re, both in the backseat.

We’re, taking selfies with my little digital camera and just just having the time of our lives. My friend and I in the backseat and then the cop came so I like jumped to the front really startled and he didn’t, see that that I don’t think and so it’s like it sure I’ll just move the car, but I was 13.

I didn’t know how to drive. I just got so nervous and I was like yeah no problem and he waited for me to move the car and obviously I couldn’t drive, so I was like [ __ ]. What do we do? What do we do? What do we do? Is freaking out my young ass and no hard drive and he ended up looking the license plate number of the car and he came back to the window and he said man.

You know leader, two stolen car and me and my friends were like what the [ __ ] these people that were with stole a car and then they come back. We see them approaching and they’re kind of like freaked out, and we see that they have a wrench or not a wrench like a crowbar.

I think that’s, what it was and a leather like they had leather gloves on and we looked at them and they just look sketchy as [ __ ] and they saw the police and they ran away. And then the guy, the police call two more cops over.

So two more cars came, they took us in the backseat and they asked us some questions like do you know whose people are? I think they knew that we were the people who stole the car because we didn’t fit the profile or whatever.

They just knew that, like these, two young, ass girls, didn’t steal this car. My instant thing to do when I like and being intimidated by cops, is to just cry. So I cried a lot and I was like trying to use that as a card so that they would see me as more innocent or something which wasn ‘

T even necessary, because I literally looked like 12, which I was I forget what else he said. Basically, they sold a car and they they stole from a lot of like places, I guess like actual stores and they were going to steal liquor from a liquor store.

Like they were using, the crowbar to sneak in both of our parents got called and I was grounded and my friend’s. Mom hated me after that she had to pick us up and she just hated me. She just thought I was evil because I almost got her daughter, arrested and just in so much trouble.

So then my mom after I got home, proceeded to look up a bunch of different articles about these boys. We were hanging out with and she was just so like I don’t even know she was mad or disappointed. She was just like really invested in showing me how bad the world is and how bad certain people are and how dangerous things are, and so she, like four months after that, would send me articles about gangs and to this day she still does that, like hey There’s, a gang around where you live, so be careful and she’ll.

Send me like articles upon articles about them. So, after that, I got my door taken away, and that happened quite often actually, so they unscrewed my door from its hinges, which was really sad, because I would always lock my door and like use the key.

So no one could get in when I was gone, because my sister would always steal my clothes, so I was like [ __ ]. Now all my souls are, my clothes are going to get stolen, which was really annoying um. That was a really big issue and reason that we would always fight, but anyway, so that happened, my friend, the one that almost got arrested with me.

She somehow was able to come over. I think. Oh she lied. We were such bad kids. We would lie to our parents all the time about where we were it’s just like that, but she told her mom. She was somewhere that she was allowed to be and basically came over to sleep over at my house, and everyone knew that my house was the house where you can do anything and get away with it, or it was just my parents.

Weren’t strict. My parents really trusted me and I’m, so grateful for them, because I had to [ __ ] up to learn the lessons I learned but yeah. They really trusted me, and so whatever my friends would come over, they weren’t really like hovering over us.

They kind of just let us do whatever we wanted. My friend came over and we decided to sneak out and like we did often, and so what we did was we taped a blanket to my door, a Winnie the poop like it. I recall we used duct tape and we take it to the top of my door and really kept that’ll.

Do it was just a hysterical thing and we snuck out and drove around with one of our guy friends and my friend actually ended up hooking up with him, and I was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in my life.

He was chewing bubblegum. I hate the smell of bubble gum because of this event, they were hooking up in the Red Sea, just like making out intensely, and I don ‘ T know why I didn’t think to leave.

I was literally in my neighborhood, we were driving around in my neighborhood and there was a park and we were parked in front of the park and I don’t know why I didn’t leave but um. I was sat in the car while they made out and it smelled so strongly a bubble gum.

I don’t know if you just didn’t take it out of his mouth, but I think the car literally got a little bit. Steamy that was the worst night of my life, so yeah for like an hour, I was just inhaling this bubble: gum, flavor and ever since then I’ve been repulsed of it but yeah.

So that happened and then when we came home, the blanket was on the floor and it had no missed calls, and I don’t even know if anyone is home, but we just looked at each other and like died laughing when we came home.

Not in trouble and the blanket from my door was on the floor that was just kind of the epitome of my life coming trying to sneak out and realizing that no one cared anyway. Okay. Another thing that I would do this was during a freshman year.

Is I would bring vodka to school and drink it in class and just all day, which I know sounds so horrible and I sound like a [ __ ] alcoholic, but my house never really had alcohol in it. My parents, didn’t drink at all.

They didn’t drink. Why they didn’t drink anything so any alcohol I was ever at my house, my parents, didn’t, know about so somehow I’ve had a big bottle of vodka in my home every day before school. I would bring these two containers of tea and I would plate like two to three shots like.

If this is a shot of vodka, I would put two to three shots of vodka in each container and drink them throughout the day and a little bit little. Everyone started to know that I did this because I would tell them.

I feel I think I was so cool and people also thought I was cool for doing this, which is so dumb, but people would like stop on my locker and have a sip or if they saw me in the hallways, you’d, be like Oh good tell me: let me get a sip and so kind of everyone I feel like.

I can still get in trouble like I feel like if my principal watch this way now I get in trouble but yeah, so everyone would drink some of my vodka tea. I think I mix it with like green tea or Lipton or something something it just tasted really good, and I remember this one time in forensics class, which is my favorite class.

I really liked school and I still do but forensics was my favorite and I remember I was getting really drunk now. It’s like [ __ ]. I can’t move like I can’t control, my body right now I was giggling.

I was hot and I could barely walk well. Thank God. This wasn’t a lab, so we pretty much sat down for most of the night taking notes which is sometimes you know what we did in forensics class like some days, were only notes and stuff, so yeah I got really drunk and after that I didn’t.

Do that anymore. I think I did it for like two or three weeks literally I drink alcohol every day at school, not every day but yeah and the girl sitting next to me, actually I pierced her tongue. I want to show you guys I used to have my tongue pierced into this picture yeah.

That was me. People would come to me to get their ears pierced, and I ended up here seeing that girl who I sat next to in forensics. I ended up piercing her tongue and I’ve got sterilized needles and I had gloves – and I had like clamps and I thought I was really professional.

Okay, so, like I said before, I used to go clubbing a lot with my friends. Saris a lighting change. I know the light is about to pour into here because of the way the Sun is, but yeah let’s. Just continue.

Okay, the lighting looks kind of weird but sorry guys anyways. This was a bathroom selfie, and this is often when I pour. I had some yellow douchebag sunglasses, on which I took from a boy and um yeah.

That was my little outfit, so I would often wear this pencil skirts and revealing tops oh yeah. I just want to enter this picture. This was me at 12 years old um. This is what I looked like just going out to get the mail just so sassy, interesting time in my life but anyways.

I went to a lot of house parties at this time and my sister threw a bunch of our own and I just want to say how crazy it is. How close I was to all these drugs and narcotics growing up, like I remember, going to a party and someone was snorting Molly and I was 13.

I just think that’s crazy. I don’t know if that’s normal, but yeah. I was always drinking and I was always smoking. I was such a pothead back in the day. I was friends with the fuckboys and I would always hang out them and always get into parties because of them.

Everyone was when I went to a party, and everyone was doing Molly and they started staring at this fish tank and like tripping out, like their eyes, are moving super fast and also the guy got branded, or he, the guy who was on Molly, branded someone else Who was drunk with a cookie cutter and I don’t know if you guys ever go to parties, it happens, but I’ve.

Seen that happen several times like. Why do people? Why do boys brand themselves at parties? I don’t know I moved upstate to Maryland here’s, a picture of all the boxes. In my room, this was my old room and it was literally just a square.

You know much like this one, but I loved that dresser. So cute, I left all my friends. It was really hard and the day that I moved was when I pierced my friends tongue. She didn’t, keep it in so yeah.

I think that she couldn’t, take the swelling because it swells for like three days and it’s, really painful, but um. You know here’s, a picture of me in my basement in New York, with a cute boy that I really liked and – and here’s, a picture that I really like it’s kind of aesthetic.

But the speaker is my curled hair, a picture of me and my sisters, friends. I thought it was so cool that I was drinking and no one else in my green ones. I would always like hold the beverage like in the photo, like you know, like those red cup photos, yeah like I went out of my way to hold the beverage in a photo here’s, a picture of me and my sister’S friend, and these guys that we met this night.

I remember we went to a bunch of different parties. We had to lie about our ages and we pretended we were in college was very know all college guys this night and my sister’s friend accidentally said her real age and everyone started freaking out.

They were like. Oh, no, oh no, like you guys, got to go and they started freaking out, so we had to leave the stop party, but don’t literally, I feel like it looks old. I feel like I look older there than I do now or I just look like a different person.

My face has gone through so many changes. Well, I’m, really pink right now, with the light and the windows closed. So I’m, just saying if I look sweaty or oily it’s hot here, and that’s Maryland and I was a STONER.

So when I moved my party hobbits continued, but my smoking habits just skyrocketed. So I moved from New York in February of my freshman year I was 14 years old and I moved to Maryland and I became friends with a lot of the kids who smoked and I would end up smoking in during school a lot.

We had open lunch. So you could leave everyone for the most part would smoke in all these different spots. You know you can just go there meet up with a bunch of friends match and smoke, and it was a good time.

So I did this often. It was just really easy to make friends that way and I enjoyed smoking weed at that point, which I don’t at this moment, and I have it for a while. But yes, I was smoked before school in my back yard, during school, with all these people and after school and sometimes at night I was the total stoner and I loved some of my people.

That was just what there was to do what I enjoy doing, and it was just such an event. You know sorry for the background change, but the lighting was getting a little messed up. As I’m sure, you could tell I’m trying to think about any funny stoner stories, but I can’t.

Think of any right now. 4/20 was always great for some reason. I always lived in houses where I was really easy to throw parties, so that often happened. I stopped smoking because it just stopped being beneficial to me.

I stopped being a pothead after like freshman year, smoking that much. If I got sad – and we just made me anxious just progressively like as I experienced more depression, smoking just wouldn’t help me and after I wasn’t depressed anymore.

Smoking still just made me second-guess myself made me feel a little bit insecure or like double yah second-guess myself is the best way to put it it’s, just so crazy. How much my spirit has evolved. Another thing that happened was people would hook up in my room, so in my first house in New York, when I was a freshman, my sister would always throw parties, and this one I got $ 300.

So one for me – and I cried my eyes out for hours and I was so angry I was like you – have to pay me back. Your friend did this. Of course, there was no proof that anyone took my money, but it was gone like I came home and it was gone, and I cried for so long because you know when you’re young $ 300, like that was a lot of money that I’d saved up and that’s.

When I realized the world was unfair, you know I cried and cried and cried. I was like well [, __ ]. I still don’t. Have my money, like I just have to move on now, and the only thing that I can learn is to hide my money in a safer place.

That was like the first realization that life wasn’t meant to be fair, honey people would have sex in my room. I remember this one time my sister told me: it’s so funny when my sister tells me stuff that she’s guilty of she’s.

Like he told me, I have to tell you something, but you promise you can’t, be mad promise and of course I would get nice after and she, like you, promise you can’t be mad right now we got people had Sex in my bed and it’s, just disgusting.

The thought that someone else too sweaty gross people had their fluids all up in my secret sanctuary my place, and then that happened again when I was living in Maryland, and this dude was literally having sex with this girl.

In my room and I walked in on him and they left, I was like get the [ __ ] out of my room. What are you doing get out of my room and so they got dressed, and I left my room and of course I washed my sheets and everything, but like a few days later, he friend requested me on Facebook and he messaged me and tried hitting on me.

I did, I still have I’m, not gonna pull out the receipts. Cuz I mean. Maybe I will I don’t know. Maybe not I don’t feel like digging for that, but yeah like he had sex in my room with someone I walk in on him and then he proceeds to hit on me and like persistently he was always getting with girls.

He was beautiful. He had blue eyes and he was my type at the time he had like piercing and like just nice hair. You know it’s, always the hair that gets you hold it happen. I just want to let you guys know – and I hope that you do know that your body is your own okay, and you know what saying for vegans speak up for those who don’t have a voice when talking about animals.

I want you guys to stick up for yourselves, because you do have a voice, and if someone is pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do to hell with them growing up like because I would party all the time, because I Was in these situations all the time, it would just so happen that guys would try to hook up with me, and I had the voice to say no, and that happened so many times we’re guys like no come on like let’s just do this or that I’d, be like no.

No, I don’t want to sometimes when I go into situations now, where I feel like it’s, just going to be me and one other guy hanging out and the guy is been very flirty. I feel like most of the guys in my life or just flirty in general, but if I’m afraid that like they might try to do something all text from beforehand and be like hey.

So this is a very casual thing. I’m, just looking for friends, I don’t want to hook up, and I don’t want this to be about that in any way, and if you can’t respect that, then let’s not hang out, like.

I will text guys that, because I don’t even want them to try. I don’t even want to have to reject someone or say no, like I’ll tell them ahead of time. It’s not like that boo and usually they’ll, be fine with it, but sometimes if you feel even the slightest bit that you’ll be pressured into doing something or that someone will try to make a move On you that you do not want to make a move on you too yeah just say it up front and address that thought and that feeling so that you know you don ‘

T have to worry about it later in the night and at the same time, if you do want to like enjoy and experience sex and like that’s totally fine, too choice. Whatever makes you happy seriously, just don’t hurt people don’t lie to people, and just be honest: if you don’t want to go with someone tell them if you do want to go, someone tell them.

If you like someone, and they’re in a relationship, don’t, tell them just be a good person, man, but yeah. Those are some of my stories. I don’t know if this was even entertaining

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