In this video i’m, going to show you the quickest way to get sciatic leg, pain, relief, stay tuned, hey everyone, dr rowe, here at spike here in st joseph michigan. So in this video we’re, going to tackle a big one.

Sciatica, especially sciatic nerve pain, that’s going down one particular leg. So if you have a lot of one-sided leg pain, this is going to be a video. You’re, not going to want to miss. All of these can be done at home, possibly even at work.

They don’t require any special equipment. They’re very straightforward and easy. I’m, going to show different variations of sciatic nerve mobilization stretches and exercises so make sure to try all of them go with the ones that you feel are the most effective towards relieving that sciatic nerve pain in your leg.

So let’s, get started with them, so the first sciatic leg pain relief exercise that we’re, going to focus on. We’re, going to lay flat. You can do this in bed or on the floor when we do these exercises.

As a note, we want to make sure to only go towards a point where it’s a stretch but not causing any discomfort, including more sciatica pain, going down the leg. If that is the case, discontinue immediately also, when we do these, we’re, going to look for what’s called centralization of symptoms.

When you get a pinch from let’s, say a lumbar bulging disc in the back. It causes symptoms to go down the leg. So as we do these, if it feels like the symptoms, are coming back up towards the starting point, which should be in the lower back.

That means that these are working for you, so essentially what we’re, looking for less traveling pain, let’s, take the affected side or the spot, or, i should say the side of pain and we’re, going to Bring the knee up like this at 90 degrees, i take my hands.

I place it behind the knee. Like this, i’m, going to do a simple knee to the chest. This right here should already start to feel like a very good stretch into the lower back, the back the leg and into the glutes.

Only to your comfort level hold this for about 10 seconds relax. Do it a couple times just to loosen everything up and next we’re, going to do what is called a sciatic nerve mobilization or a floss. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to bring that knee back towards me and then i’m going to lift the foot up towards the ceiling.

This is going to help stretch and open up that sciatic nerve pathway. Only to your comfort level, when i get to that point, hold this for about five seconds, and then you’re going to do this, bring the toes back towards you.

This feels like a very good stretch, and what i do is i like to hold this one for about five to ten seconds. I’m, then going to relax the toes i’m, going to go in back to that starting position. Bring the knee back towards me, you should have a little bit more flexibility and then i’m, going to repeat that process.

Bring the foot up towards the ceiling, bring the toes back towards me, giving this a good 10 second hold. You want to do this just keep going back further and further and do about five repetitions of it again.

It should feel like that one-sided sciatic pain is going back upwards. If that’s the case, you know that you’re. Getting centralization – and these are working for you, so another big cause of sciatic pain down one leg is called piriformis syndrome, so i want to make sure to show you a sciatica exercise that’s, going to focus on that and i’M going to do a modified figure, 4 exercise – you may have done the figure 4 before, but maybe this might be a little bit different.

So let’s say that i have a lot of sciatic pain. Going down my right leg. I want to bend the knees like this and i’m, going to take the side of pain, my right leg and i’m, going to place it over the left.

Just like this. This should start to form that figure 4. That gives the exercise its namesake. So what i’m going to do. First, is i’m going to take my hands and i’m going to reach in between and grab the back of my left leg, and then i’m, going to just place the other hand over the other, and I’m, going to just bring the opposite leg back towards me, so the non-affected side.

This right here is going to put a very good stretch into the piriformis, the buttock, the glutes on the side of pain. Go to your comfort level. Do this! For about 10 seconds relax and then do one more time just for good measure to get it loosened up.

So this is how we’re, going to take it to the next level and take a lot of pressure off that sciatic nerve. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to grab at the ankle and then at the knee, with the other hand, and i’m going to rotate away from the pain.

So i’m rotating, my body towards the left side, and i tell you what this feels really good. It’s, just a very good way to be able to stretch in there relieve pressure off the lower back and also off that piriformis, which may be putting pressure on that sciatic nerve, causing that leg pain.

Again. If you’re, not noticing as much traveling symptoms after doing this exercise, it’s working for you, but give this a good 10 to 15. Second hold, relax and then repeat up to five times. So when it comes to relieving pressure onto spinal discs in the lower back, especially if we’re, looking at herniated discs or bulging discs that are causing pinched nerves, causing that sciatica, we need to focus on backward movements called extension and one of the Best ways to do that is with a yoga pose called the cobra.

This one is best done at the edge of a bed, and this is how we’re, going to do it. If you’re familiar with the cobra, what you want to do is make sure that the hips and pelvis lay flat, while you start to press up on the upper body to try to form a c-shaped curve in the lower back.

You can start on your elbows, like this, holding it for 15 to 30 seconds relaxing and then doing it three to five times. If this becomes too easy, let’s, go into the full cobra which is pressing up and extending our arms.

I should say putting them out straight like this, while trying to keep the hips and pelvis flat. This is a great stretch just to do daily, but it just helps take pressure off of those lumbar spinal discs that may be putting pressure onto that sciatic nerve.

15. To 30 second holds relax, do it up to five times, so this is how we’re, going to modify this cobra pose to tackle one-sided sciatic pain. Let’s, go towards the edge of a bed. Whatever side is having the pain.

You want to take that leg off like this and go into a knee to the chest position. So let’s. Bring that leg up as much as we’re able to. You should already start to feel some pressure being taken off of that sciatic nerve on that side.

What we want to do is just hold this for about five to ten seconds. You can relax it if you need to, and just do it a couple times to loosen everything up when you feel ready. What we want to do is then go back into that cobra pose, and i tell you what this helps just take a lot of pressure off of one side.

If you can hold this for 10 to 15 seconds, relax, try to bring that leg up. Just a little bit further and then repeat this up to three to five times, but again this just takes pressure off of those spinal discs and if you start to feel the symptoms coming back up the leg, you know it’s working for you Give it a try, so if you’re having difficulty doing these exercises laying flat or if you’re, just afraid that you’re, not going to be able to get up here are a couple that you can do.

Standing so i’m, going to go to a wall or a door and let’s, do a modified standing cobra pose. These are based off the mckenzie protocol. If you’re pretty familiar with those exercises, they’re, really geared towards taking pressure off spinal discs in the lower back.

So i want to put my feet together and they’re, going to be spaced about a foot away from the door. Take your hands! You can go up on your elbows just like this, or you can just lay them flat. Whatever’s more comfortable for you and what i’m going to do, is i’m, going to lock the hips and pelvis and just try to take my belly button towards the door or the wall? I’m building that extension into the lower back only go towards your comfort level.

You should start to feel a very good stretch into the lumbar spine into those spinal discs once you get to that point, hold this one for about 15 seconds. Simply just relax at that point and then repeat that process up to three to five times again, just like the cobra.

This is going to take a lot of pressure off the lower back and hopefully get you a lot of relief into that leg. So this next one is geared primarily towards getting rid of one-sided leg pain. This is also another mckinsey exercise.

This one is great, so what i’m, going to do put my feet together, whatever side is hurting the side that you’re having the leg pain, face this away from a door or the wall, i put my feet about 12 Inches away from that wall, i’m going to take my arm and i’m, going to keep it just kind of straight like this.

My elbow is bent at 90 degrees. Let’s. Put our body weight, our upper body weight completely flush against the door or the wall, so my elbow my elbow my shoulder and my arm are completely flush against it.

My body should almost be at a nice angle. What i’m going to do, with the other hand, is put it at the hip, the side of pain and i’m, going to drive that hip towards the wall. So when this happens, you’re, going to feel a lot of good pressure being released on the side of pain.

This creates a wedge into the spinal disk on that side to help relieve any bulging material that may be hitting that sciatic nerve hold. This up to 15 to 30 seconds, if you’re, able to simply relax and then repeat that three to five times when you do this, and if you have a disc bulge on one side, this should almost give you instant relief.

But if you feel that you’re able to get a little bit more space, your feet further away from the wall to create a bigger angle, and that way you can get a little bit more push into that side to create a bigger wedge.

Only to your comfort level so give these ones a try and go for the ones that you feel really makes a huge difference. So if you got a lot of relief, please show us your support by giving this video a like and maybe subscribing to our channel.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. I’ll, get back to you as soon as i can. Thank you for watching.

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Dr. Rowe shows the QUICKEST way to get sciatic leg pain relief. If you’re dealing with sciatica down one leg (or even both legs) this is a video you’ll not want to miss!

Easy sciatic nerve pain relief exercises are shown that may help release pressure in the lower back spinal discs, helping to give sciatica leg pain relief in as little as 30 SECONDS.

There sciatica relief stretches will focus on reliving pressure off the sciatic nerve from a lumbar bulging disc (causing a pinched nerve in the lower back) and help loosen up the piriformis muscle (which can also cause sciatica).

All these sciatica stretches and exercises can be done at home, and be done ANYTIME you need an instant sciatic pain relief fix.

Great part is, they’re natural stretching movements that offer SAFE sciatica leg pain relief and don’t require any special equipment. This makes them some of the best sciatica pain relief stretches and exercises out there.

Watch now and get rid of sciatic leg pain for good!


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